Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform VP forum lecture in Shanghai

site see: 贵族宝贝bbs.zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/thread-14322-1-1.html

Sun Gong from Shanghai Spider love crawling, page analysis, priority building three aspects to explain how the technical level of the construction site of Shanghai friendly love. Even careful to share with the students live to write specific code, all technical personnel caused by resonance. "In the analysis part, remove the ban a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but also highlighted the CDN due to the wrong operation or shield, cause love can not crawl to the corresponding content of Shanghai Spider. "In the analysis part, through a lot of examples explain what spider hole, and bring bad influence to the site. Q & A, we throw fall over each other highly specialized, sun work to do a detailed answer, especially for many people confused sitemap tools and love Shanghai station search included Easy Access difference, after detailed sun workers and suggested that binding site included Easy Access and web search using sitemap tools, promote the website quickly comprehensive collection.

"VIP forum" is a key project in Shanghai Webmaster Platform love, VIP club members can understand the technology, principle and attitude to love Shanghai love from Shanghai official this authoritative sources through the auditorium, learn about search engine optimization, website construction, content construction, safety and other aspects of the content. Now, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform is online classroom preparation, hope more sites can benefit from the search to build a green ecological circle.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform "VIP forum" in Beijing has been continuously held in two phases, gain a lot of praise, in order to make the city more VIP members enjoy the privilege of October 31st, "VIP forum" into the Shanghai love Shanghai office, from Ctrip, public comment, future worries, rebate nets more than 30 in Shanghai and the surrounding the city’s VIP club members, to listen to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform senior engineer Sun Quan on "how to build Shanghai to love Spider friendly site", the entire 2 hours on the interactive quiz, you still said yiyouweijin.



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