Love is Shanghai too dark or we are too stupid

in contact with companies, too many companies complain that love Shanghai more and more black, "love the sea really black, Shanghai love is too dark, love Shanghai insiders often malicious click consumption of our advertising, its competitors will brush our advertising, a makeup training the responsible person said, but the reality is really in love with the black sea? The use of peer software really can consume our advertising, really can instantly make our advertising line

we first analyze the problem in the first place, fell in love with the sea is really black? Really like a lot of companies claim that often malicious click our advertising? Before answering this question, we first look at the love of Shanghai is a kind of company, "the world’s largest search engine Chinese, one of the 3 major Internet Chinese the American giant, listed companies, market capitalization of 75 billion 39 million dollars," such a strong company for some petty profits for their employees, malicious click our advertising? Will this benefit to self destruct? If all enterprises in Shanghai to promote sex has no effect, love Shanghai auction this business model can continue? I love Shanghai is not malicious click on our advertising, why many enterprises have such complaints, the fundamental reason is a love of Shanghai’s bid ranking The model is to make money, causing many companies envy envy hate, two is indeed there are many enterprises for the account of the existence of a large number of invalid clicks, burning too much advertising, but with the love inside Shanghai click No relationship.


then we will answer second questions, the use of peer software really can consume our advertising, really can instantly make our offline advertising? Maybe before 2014 that could still happen, but you know, now that 2014 has been a part of the software, malicious click the most serious period during the 2012 October to 2013 October, through the use of Ben clicks and other similar software, can be instantly consumed within a few minutes in your account all advertising, the software used is a hook pattern by computer hook, in helping people to attack people click on the ads at the same time, can get points but, want to click with advertising, need to consume integral, through money can buy direct integral, if there are 100 thousand computer at the same time you hang up, That is to say your ads within a few seconds will produce 100 thousand hits, and the 100 thousand click on the IP address and MAC address are not the same, fully simulate the real effective click, so your ad will instantly offline, even if your account there are 10 thousand and 100 thousand, will be consumed in a short but this time, the software has been completely useless, from the beginning of 2013 March, Shanghai official stop love feedback received a large number of users, from Crazy malicious clicks, this love, Shanghai official has taken 2 measures, one is the crackdown such software, and engage in an activity, who reports such software that will be rewarded, for individual or team to develop this kind of software, will bear legal responsibility.

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