Station group how to avoid being seen through the search engine

search engine judgment stations is nothing more than the IP of the website, the domain name whois, link information, website style.

here said the station group is the webmaster friends using station group software to do the dumpster, search engine in the station site for garbage sites, once discovered will be doomed eternally, not just a search engine, simulation to determine the site, so the search engine judge station group will have a certain pattern.

similar domain name whois, webmaster in the domain name registration will fill in the name, contact, address, e-mail and other personal information, the search engine can read the information, if the information is similar or identical, link weight between these sites will be reduced, at this time the search engine may make a judgment that similar the site, part of the site to reduce the weight, serious cases will be K station.

found it will be easier to solve. According to the website IP, many webmaster can cooperate with each other to change the space, or to more than one space there open space; the same problem can use the domain name whois family and friends information to registered website (Shandong area to improve the website for the domain name certificate, so it should be taken into account; Network >)

website style is similar to that of many stations are used as the template, the search engine will also be found, even if not stations use the same template too much will cause the site to drop right even K station, not to mention the great relevance of the station group.

IP address similar domain name stations have some differences, but the domain name space may be placed in the same space, IP address is now 4 bit encoding rules with the same space, often taking the top three encoding rules are the same, such as: 123.45.678.123 and 123.45.678.456, the three bit encoding the same and the search engine will determine which is placed in the same space, may be the same person to buy, will reduce the link between the weight of the transfer, this case is not directly K off site, K station is done after processing multi judge compliance, may cause the direct K station on the same day, the case of IP phenomenon.

in addition, search engines will refer to web content such as part of the same information (record number), the site of poor quality and so on.

link information similar to that website directly has keyword anchor text of a number of the same, and repeated in a website, so the search engine will reduce the weight of the link, and multi judge, if meets these three, the search engine will drop right even K station to a large number of websites.

station group strategy is composed of blog group strategy first triggered by the first blog on the search engine ranking has brought a great impact, the search engine by reducing the weight of the blog search results to maintain justice, station group strategy is serious harm to the search results of justice, search engine is bound to crack down on. In order to maintain its impartiality.

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