See from the network promotion event marketing original

in a TV series recently popular as an example, if it is only related to TV topic forum, micro-blog will become popular, so long as trassient as a fleeting cloud first two days of the event, but the marketing of mother’s day this special time to seize the opportunity, let it washed up on a marketing summit. With increasing focus on a micro-blog as mother’s Day SMS novel content,

week online crazy comments for this star show to use a certain brand of music headset situation in special medical examination, online down a sound, regardless of the behavior of the feasibility of online crazy onlookers and high heat discussion situation, semi implicit marketing of the brand headset the succeeded in producing a controversial topic, let netizen autonomous communication.

so many 80, 90 users will try such a special message to the mother, let the same watch this drama more than a mothers and children with Zhen Huan body to seize the opportunity to rely on news events once again marketing success, boosting the N of the TV series hot wave.

3 process: the steady development of security control

1 tips: effect of semi implicit

news There are a lot of

to subject topic events as the core, cleverly integrated into the product or brand by micro-blog for auxiliary, forwarding, video sharing of explosive marketing communication. No matter how the event itself, as long as it is controversial or can stimulate the enthusiasm of the users to discuss, you can succeed with shock wave event marketing effect.

before the news event promotion, the need for event >

, 2 time: seize the opportunity to promote

Micro-blog content a star above


and so on the news as an opportunity, in May 12th this year, is the Wenchuan earthquake anniversary, and 100th nurses, an enterprise to seize this opportunity, timely to white in the Wenchuan earthquake, touched by an angel to memorial event marketing, on the morning of May 12th it has not been a lot of this news bombing fatigue when the this news attention will naturally be relatively large, corporate brand also strongly influence to the people.

manufacturing topics

network information is so advanced today, every website updated information as little more than dozens, hundreds, only to several major portals to calculate each day in front of people the news reached thousands. Investigation and analysis of statistics and the corresponding average daily, Internet users will spend half an hour to browse network news events, more than 70% people will only scratch the surface of the event is to read. So much information, browsing casually browsing, how in just half an hour browsing time, let the network news marketing information contains the tight encirclement, the product information and brand culture information subtly to browse news, successful event marketing, marketing is the key point of news.

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