See what the chain from the sea close love love Shanghai outside the chain of tools

2, BBS signature chain effectively. This is from my own small data, because I usually time limited, also do signature links and so on, the results through the chain query tool, it is found that the forum chain is still considerable. This is the Shanghai dragon Er claim refutes some love Shanghai not included in the signature chain said, of course the weight of the signature chain does not, after all, sometimes the chain links page is derived too much.

4, effective hoplinks. This one is more interesting, I once thought that the anchor chain only a direct link to the URL can be considered, that had the same opinion with me who should be few, but the chain in the sample love Shanghai open, I found the jump URL figure is.

3, open network favorites effectively. Found the music collection and peas Network favorites figure outside the chain of data in the unit website, was done about a dozen network favorites, although the sample data found only two, but considering the love of Shanghai outside the chain of tools put out only a part of the sample, the rest is effective can not be determined, but also can determine the open network favorites as the chain is effective.

portal blog chain is still valid. There have been rumors, love Shanghai for the portal was no longer included, because love Shanghai’s adjustment, the amount included portal blog also appeared fluctuations, coupled with their own audit mechanism portal blog more stringent, my unit established a lot of portal blog, in the easy cultivation, often suddenly shut down without warning. Before doing all in vain, income and labor is not proportional, so then stopped the construction of blog portal. Through the love of Shanghai outside the chain of tools can be seen, Shanghai is still included in the love for the portal blog (currently put out in a sample of mostly Sina blog, other unknown, insufficient samples), not only is a comprehensive portal site blog, blog portal for the industry of Shanghai, love is also very interested in, such as the medical industry the 39 Health Network, and sub scale blog portal, such as bokee贵族宝贝, these sites like Shanghai are included, and these stations compared to Sina this level of portal station, audit mechanism to loose a lot, set up a blog on these sites, not easy to be closed, is still a good choice.

a few days ago I wrote an article to check the anchor chain through the console and a noble baby website article, after YAHOO closed chain query interface, this time is the only fairly reliable way, but this problem has now been changed to love near the sea launched on the chain query tool, though it is only the beta test version, the data chain data not all, it is through the chain I stop the chain and the unit website concluded, but the limited number from which has been open in, we can draw a lot of useful things.


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