Shanghai clean up for love

fame and money, and criticized the poor color, this is the love of Shanghai. All he found thousands of love Shanghai, the name of the source, that love Shanghai professional search. Love in Shanghai but did not stop the search search. To search for the core, love Shanghai launched a series of Internet products, such as Post Bar, know, encyclopedia, library, experience and so on, one of the only love love Shanghai search Shanghai many products, but still love Shanghai is synonymous with search. If in recent years, the Internet gangster, who suffered the most challenge is undoubtedly love Shanghai?. 360, Taobao, mobile platform, Amoy, the core will prove safety of love Shanghai – search. However, we are still in use today, love Shanghai. Love Shanghai why can a veteran in battle and seeing, only two words: adaptation. Love is the core of Shanghai search adaptation, the content will be appropriate in front of people in need. Through this adaptation, love Shanghai to PPC earning large quantities of gold each day way. Adaptation is the core of Shanghai love search, PPC is matched with the way. But with the change of Internet, PPC began to be challenged.

as the growth of the Internet company, fell in love with the sea with a keen sense of smell. >

Shanghai: a keen sense of smellAlong with the development of

summary: for homogeneous products, competitive ranking is a good adaptation method. But for different products, PPC adaptation ability, doubt. Love is the core of Shanghai adaptation, if not fit, then search no value.

PPC logic is this: the market there are a large number of producers, the existence of information asymmetry between producers and consumers, love Shanghai presenting information in a limited way to charge prices, especially in the competitive market, product differentiation of small market, the higher the price of information. Industrial product meets this kind of situation, so once, industrial machinery, instruments and other industrial products are located in the forefront of Shanghai love advertising revenue. However, one of the reasons is because the retreat Chinese manufacturing advantages, on the other hand, because of the development of the electricity supplier, between industrial products homogenization of these leave love Shanghai. Today, in the love of Shanghai advertising industry is the forefront of the game, the electricity supplier, almost all products and services. Service product between the differences in love whether Shanghai can be of different products adapted to different search groups, bidding has been unable to accomplish this task.

: look, love Shanghai to search when


recently, Shanghai love video shelves full of pirated content, began to abandon the edge ball line, transformation of entertainment platform, has a high and a video client. This is love Shanghai recently in product positioning and adjustment measures of Lenovo to on-line love Shanghai 100 launch and love Shanghai white hair, which seems to have a rain stormin feeling. Whether we can make a conclusion that: love Shanghai, is for its products to re-examine? Or can be said to clean up


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