Do website promotion of soft paper should be soft to what extent

because of this kind of soft, I only focus on the promotion of palletizing machine website links, so the more spread effect is better. The soft quality in a certain extent degree of communication, such soft Wen Chong wrote the difficulty will be bigger, not only do the link promotion effect, but also pay attention to the readability of the article. This requires that we continue to accumulate experience in the creative writing process of soft, improve the quality of soft.

press release

good title is half of success, I worked in Fuji >

network society is now getting rich, things we touch is a variety of ways, commodity marketing channels from the original line under way, into a variety of ways to promote the online online, combination. In this website, enterprise website product promotion, soft Wen promotion mode plays a very important role. Soft Wen also evolved as a way of advertising.

soft is the main form of the two, the two is my experience in a soft site summary of palletizing robot optimization choice. Soft Wen is divided into website optimization and promotion link brand promotion news release, the two types of soft soft in a decision we write, the extent to which the soft soft wen. I do not here to the stacker site soft Wen promotion experience to share some experience.

is a writing method as an example to my website palletisers soft, generally a soft insert keyword accounted for 7% of the ratio of 5%, a direct link insertion insertion. As for the form of links, can be directly added to the links we try to directly add links, not in the form of anchor text links. Link for promotion of soft, soft control of the content of around 70% can be.

, a kind of soft Wen promotion link

The development of

1, the title of the article

two, brand promotion soft Wen

to Fuji palletizer my website as an example, to explain how this kind of soft news and writing. I write in a mainly focuses on the following aspects:

many webmaster wrote some more or less soft, but no real research, how to write text. Link promotion soft Wen Chong wrote in the end how to proceed, I only in the promotion of stacking machine 贵族宝贝fujiyusoki贵族宝贝.hk/ the chain site promotion, rely mainly on text links. This kind of soft Wen Chong wrote articles in general and I would add two stacker links, the appropriate amount of the article and I have to do some keyword. But attention should be paid to control the number of keywords and keyword insertion of rationality.

brand promotion soft, more attention is paid to the quality of the content, namely the readability and attractiveness. This press release is propaganda enterprise and brand, and promote the link soft Wen Chong wrote a completely different way, that you do not need to consider the promotion of links, improve keyword rankings this problem. Soft Wen release only outstanding enterprise brand, the formation of product promotion effect on the line.

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