5 steps to analyze the competition website to improve website weight

The analysis included

website ranking keyword analysis

Analysis of the competition website is the core technology of website promotion that Shanghai dragon

website external links

velocity analysis

page included the main competitors website included quantity, through the competitor history pages included can see competitors included page and page number ratio. If a competitor’s page 40000, but included only 2000, then you can determine whether the site is not a good site, can be said to be a poor site, if the simple page number included, as long as we work hard can more than rivals.

see the competition website home page set of keywords to query their ranking in search engines in general, the goals of the web site keywords in the search engine ranking will, said the higher the weight of the site, the more intense competition, if the primary key of our website ranking behind the competition site, so in the next promotion, to focus on the key chain construction, chain extension.

first to analyze the competition on the website keyword layout, related to the title, density, position, and then according to their website, learn the advantages of others, to correct their shortcomings.

Analysis of the competitors

access speed is also Shanghai dragon, if your site is often not open, or very slow access speed, search engine will think the site space is not stable, give a bad impression, so keep the speed to quickly access the case, to test your competitors website speed, we see what website can reduce the occupied space size, the appropriate time can be carried out on the web page weight >

website, in order to get a better web site in the search engine rankings, the best method is to site analysis of competitors, including the site of the internal structure, external links and internal links, only a thorough understanding of competitors advantages and disadvantages. In order to enhance our website keyword ranking in the shortest time.

are the source of what site? The search result list out analysis, which have high quality links? The quantity and quality of Links? Whether to purchase or other means to obtain one-way links, there is no soft link and so on, the data statistics, can refer to the web site advantages and operation methods applied to the Shanghai dragon on this website, to recommend a YAHOO chain query tool, 贵族宝贝siteexplorer.search.yahoo贵族宝贝, very practical, can accurately check to the website chain.

keyword optimization

from our perspective, organizations need in-depth analysis of competitors outside the chain of the complete understanding to the chain


An important work speed

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