Three problems on the construction site chain



2, so, how to add their own website for friends of the chain website

are many just contact this line will always start a webmaster, one has not formed the website already added a Links, although it looks like is very much, so these Links what the site is use value? Or add these Links and webmaster added, whether normal operation optimization for the

as a webmaster how we should do a good job chain management check every day? The following is for everyone summed up, hoping to make its own contribution to help the webmaster friends.

here I remind new Adsense just contact this line, do not add Links blindly to see each other website weight how high your website data how powerful, how famous and other websites and so on, we need to remember that as a professional operation and management of the website, these unnecessary try to avoid boasting off their extra time or work more on some similar site situation, try to find some related with their web site as well as the theme of the site, the site operation promotion method is reasonable, although this site in the search engine rankings, and the data on the website as well as others, but as long as the promotion of optimization of the methods they used is normal can be exchanged, but often the site activity is relatively high to it Unless the avoidance, this website is using >

in the website operation promotion, many webmaster or just contact this line, the new owners tend to overlook an important detail in the "chain", although we usually are careful to do a station outside the station optimization and promotion, but often we have their own promotion optimization webmaster do well, can be a several friends of the chain website on our website, which led to their own webmaster hard every day, a good place to build, because in the website operation promotion negligence chain check which led to his site invovling.


1, Links is added to the more the better? So a website to add the number of Links is more suitable for

actually I think, whether it is a still not forming new site or the old site, in addition Links must not overdo sth., tell people to drink more water, I often drink to work is not convenient, and the appropriate amount of water to drink can make our body more accessible. In order to make us better to complete the job as a website in addition Links, also do not be too fierce, here I suggest that you add a site within 35 Links can, because adding more than 35 Links PR output of net station values and weights are negative, a at the same time also affects the appearance of website, especially for some students rely on word-of-mouth camp enterprise website should pay more attention to this point, would rather spend more time and energy, release the chain point of value added is better than More than Links.

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