The website of Shanghai dragon optimization keyword method

3, do not go to other websites

website Shanghai dragon can often see some sites appear wonderful words, would you even think this is how to do? What are the methods of choice of keywords? The optimization of Shanghai dragon.Ee Shanghai Longfeng Xiaobian share website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization method of key words of the

and do a very popular keywords need a team get half the time, and a team of half a year can put a lot of words in the general home. Of course, if you have such strength and not worry about the time and cost to do a hot word. Hot words have difficulty, you can "how to distinguish the keyword optimization difficulty to choose the right words to do.

the same content, a title is "the choice of keywords need to pay attention to what", one is "the choice of keywords two or three thing", the former is the long tail word meet the user search habits, the latter is to please users of the long tail word. In the layout of a web site long tail word should choose the former instead of the latter.

once a website is "love life, love fashion," these two keywords is a state, and cannot explain a specific things. Such as "Shanghai dragon" is a description of the specific things so we can search through the Shanghai dragon to find relevant content, "love life" and "love fashion" is a vague concept, not a particular thing, and by searching for the two key words and can’t find the targeted very strong page.

the same industry, a brand word search volume good, they want to put the word as a key interception of others flow, this method is very stupid.

2, the user is brand awareness, not easily put a fake brand as a brand.

1, do not choose life of common words and adjective

3, a waste of time for others to do the brand has established its own brand.

mainly has the following 5 points:


5, don’t have no choice.

4, select the user search habits of long tail keywords

for the general Shanghai dragon even Shanghai dragon team, a very high degree of competition is very popular keywords that the cost is too great. If you want to sell computer, why not choose to do a model and design of computer? Rather than to choose the single word "computer"? Keywords search volume is to a website can bring a lot of traffic, but the traffic pertinence is very weak, the bounce rate is far higher than the more for the accurate degree of competition small keywords.

brand closure

1, the search engine has a protective effect on the brand, and once found you are stealing the brand website will be down the right treatment.


2, don’t choose too popular keywords

! Keywords

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