The search engine of Web2 0 spam cleanup

Shenzhen Shanghai dragon for the love of Shanghai search engine "Web2.0 anti spam strategy" to love Shanghai for the content and the chain showed two trends:

site outside the chain of high low trend, the search engine may not according to some related links for low quality junk links judgment, and this judgment may lead directly to the website chain loss rate is too high or drop right phenomenon.

2, outside the chain correlation function is more and more strong, a large number of related sites of inbound links to improve the website keyword ranking. The quality of the chain correlation in the love of Shanghai.

search engine spam cleaning on the Web2.0 site, recently issued "love Shanghai webmaster Web2.0 anti spam Raiders" to a situation of Web2.0 site contain spam, sending information and Shanghai dragon chain spam, Web2.0 anti spam system has been in the search engine optimization in gradually forming and advocate website operators involved in the anti spam raiders.

2, social networking and social information is an important factor in Web2.0, Web2.0 is based on user generated content, the information mode depends on the mass arising from the wisdom, there is the release of information from the user perspective, the source if the user creates a lot of valuable content and links is also a form of spam information. By different users, different forms of information gathering, information search engine that is unable to determine whether the real value of information.


1, open to the user, whether it is the blog, forums, B2B, micro-blog, SNS, classification of information is allowed to communicate, publish and registered users to create content, or Web2.0 site information user is formed spontaneously, its openness led to a large influx of external information, which itself does not require a foundation many programs and websites for information construction, the popularization and open source users become flooded with information web2.0.

Web2.0 spam will produce junk information at all:

1, a large number of web content included reducing, which collect and copy web site shows an unstable state, collect and copy web content may face search engine on the site of the two audit.


1, the content of the website authority easier to gain trust and search engine ranking

search engine to start to clean up the garbage outside the chain, aiming at the Web2.0 site, love Shanghai Search Engine Watch:

first advantage: Web2.0 site information organization from the user, can be interactive between users, forming a resource sharing platform, Web2.0 site disadvantage: reduce the user participation in the network information dissemination and exchange of technical barriers, users can create their own interest in the content, and search engines to determine whether there is value.

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