The secrets behind you secret some ranking

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link. Some owners in order to make your site faster with higher PR and weight, you spend money to buy some high weight website links, however, these link in order to obtain the ranking of search engine is the most hated, he is clearly against the sale of connection. Of course, some sites between the link is sometimes not to row.

The hidden links

. Know in editing articles, we can add anchor text or links in this article are possible, so some webmaster is to take advantage of this loophole, add some hidden link to your site in a number of articles, some too much is black into a competitor’s site with some hidden links to link to their website, these are cheating, the search engine can be seen, the search engine may not punish your site, but he will give you the hidden links effects are zero, so your hidden links on your site are of no use.

spam links. Now many mainstream search engines are the external links as an important factor in ranking, but we also know that it is very difficult to get links from other websites, so some spam links came into being. I have used this method, is to give people some comments in the third open platform on the intention to leave your links, such as blogs, forums, etc. Post Bar, this is some spam links, and of course a relationship with others in the theme of these comments are not, then produce a lot of junk links some of the comments are included, the keyword of the website, so now the search engine algorithm is your comment will determine whether conforms to the standard, otherwise the consequences that have been deleted.

slowly along with the development of science and technology, the competition is increasingly fierce, especially the competition between enterprises, one not careful may be peer annexation, so now many enterprises have to look into the Internet, along with the website on the Internet more and more, but there also is competition between sites, because the purpose of the site it is hoped to bring traffic to the target customers for enterprises. Many websites are in maintenance, but not all are in Shanghai Longfeng abide by the rules, in order to put competitors’sites squeeze down, then different cheating methods are surfaced.

hidden text. Many webmaster is some clever, some of his pages with some key words, of course, the user can not see the keyword search, but the search engine to see, they are in order to increase the number of keyword density to obtain a high ranking, sometimes some keywords with the content of the page does not have a relationship, but the user search many can increase website traffic. For example, the text and the background color of the same, put some text into the background image, using tiny text can make users can not easily found, and then achieve their objectives. But if the keyword is to be search engine punishment, this is a very risky black hat tactics.

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