How to correctly use keywords to improve website ranking

long tail keywords, the highest accuracy and timeliness of the strongest, is the best site for drainage tool, a class of keywords is also the most difficult to fathom.

, the higher the weight. The success of the opponent is always our best place to search the best operating experience, through the webmaster tools such as research, industry in the highest ranking sites, we can collect the appropriate site experience, including the most suitable site keywords climbing.

is the target keywords keywords site "flagship", is a part of the main traffic from search engines at the Duobu Bureau on the website, which has the highest weight status of the home with drainage of the core words and target words is most in need of attention when the effect, when other website keywords search traffic when the flow rate is greater than the target keyword search, not your target keywords need to be updated, you are released on the website content paoti.

there are many, we can love Shanghai related search, mining tools and so on selected sites need keywords, the problem is, we screened what keywords, can effectively improve the website ranking


reasonable choice of keywords, and effectively using the keywords website ranking to improve, is the search engine index to the "Keywords" original, each station is nearly ten years, a friend of one of the best way to make painstaking efforts to enhance the website ranking.

4, the latest problems in circle. This almost elusive, but often lurking in the webmaster circle of friends will have the opportunity to get the most timely and immediate related keywords.

Keywords screening of

1, the use of search engines. The most intuitive model, such as love Shanghai and the 360 search keywords reflect search, drop-down box and web page on the left and right pop-up text links; the most convenient way is through bidding, such as bidding background data accurate love Shanghai selected key words the most suitable for their own website, one of the which is the most expensive.


2 of the same industry website

webmaster tools, mining tools. The use of tools such as the most convenient, but the effectiveness is slow and difficult to have an unexpected power, because the webmaster tools use rate is high, and the webmaster tools to collect keywords must also spend some time to collect the developers.

said effective keywords, target keywords, long tail keywords have become the heart of the station is still the best keywords to enhance vocabulary website ranking.


first, keyword search is not so intelligent (tools or bidding), then we use the stupid method is the most effective method: from the user point of view, do not choose keywords too professional.

1, with the identity of the user by yy. For example, as being chased a nightmare, the Internet to collect.

How to choose effective keywords how to search keywords?

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