f we do not change the Shanghai dragon blog will come to an end

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may be due to Shanghai dragon knowledge is not too much, a lot of things you have written, you can write some Swiss things, write his own ideas about Shanghai Longfeng and views, although not what technical content, but it is more likely to bring someone else into your blog, the same Shanghai >


leisure time I love go to different parts of the Shanghai dragon blog, see the article written by others and share their learning place to look for dry cargo. But I found such a common phenomenon: almost all kinds of articles Shanghai dragon is waking, in fact is that some knowledge of a simple knowledge toss about said many times to say, look at the title is how many articles that high-end content point into a look is just so so.

I don’t know how you Shanghai Longfeng blog traffic, I took his Shanghai dragon blog, traffic statistics tool into the blog found most people are just a few pages a few click, and very short residence time. The reason I think is largely because the content of others may have seen many times before, in fact, this is a reasonable thing, when the same content in front of you, you will start to see the tail seriously? But do not deny that some people will view is one-sided, such as article one or two they have seen similar content, they will feel your entire blog not what readability to directly choose to leave. But anyway I think the more reason lies in yourself, write not good enough, not what good content and worth reading.

, a denial of waking article

so, then we should be how to change the status quo of Shanghai dragon blog now attract more people to pay attention to the Shanghai dragon blog? Xiaoming there are so few views for reference:

but then again, the Shanghai dragon is also so much fixed knowledge, you say, nothing more than to talk rapidly or speak as if it were raining flowers that several knowledge. No matter whether you admit this fact, I think this is the current situation of Shanghai dragon blog. Due to the large number of duplicate content makes the value of Shanghai dragon blog less attention, people also gradually reduce, if not for a change, I want to come to an end in the next few years will Shanghai dragon blog because no one, or only a few people are watching, so do Shanghai dragon and blog what is the meaning of

if you think your knowledge is very simple and most people have to understand more, then don’t make an unnecessary move repeated writing. Because you will not have to write, but also affect the quality of the whole blog content, and sometimes arouse resentment mood, so we are determined not to write stereotyped articles.

two, write some articles in

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