Shanghai green love on line algorithm again hit link trading behavior

2, no value through the web page or site built cross wheel chain to create a large number of

1, buy or sell the links can improve the site weight;

link one hand affect the user experience, interfere with the search engine algorithm; on the other hand, speculative site enrichment, super chain intermediary real benefit, diligently do should return to obtain station is in such a bad Internet super chain. Love Shanghai for any pointing your link or derived from your link to deliberate manipulation, will be a further blow. Among them, buy a lot of so-called high weight links have been identified and the engine will no longer be trusted; at the same time, the sale of a large number of links to the site, regardless of the so-called big station station, will no longer be engine trust. And, the next period of time to buy and sell link to the site of attack.

6, super super market chain as an intermediary chain deformity formed under the flowers of evil, will be attacked;

we can find love Shanghai to take on the super chain sale measures:


3, use the program of sending links pointing to your site in the Web2.0 website;

joined the hidden links in high quality site in 4, by scanning the web site vulnerabilities;

February 19, 2013, Shanghai once again made the adjustment algorithm of love, love Shanghai web search anti cheating team released Scindapsus algorithm for on-line announcement, again will link the behavior to crazy wave. Remember last October 23rd, made of super chain cheating algorithms upgrade adjust love Shanghai. The main object of attack for site in Shanghai attempted to manipulate search results ranking behavior by hyperlinks to cheat in the exams. This is the upgrade, love Shanghai now firmly say no cheating on hyperlink.

hyperlink cheating will affect the quality of search results to Shanghai love hurt the user experience, lead to the healthy development of the Internet ecosystem is not, but also hurt a lot of hard construction site owners interests. The launch of Scindapsus algorithm, the " reminds me of the green room; " " green energy is ". Green means: watch happiness. The water for living green, tenacious vitality, known as "the flower of life". Spread down the green foliage, very easy to meet, even the water also feel happy. We can imagine the Scindapsus algorithm is webmaster watch such acts of happiness, to further reduce the harm to the user experience, diligent maintenance station interests, which will focus on building up the content of the website.

High quality


5, no exchange links recommended;

8, with money in exchange for the super chain, deceive the search engine website will also be affected.

7, sell link in the adjustment of the location of the web site will have a significant impact;

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