Shanghai Longfeng optimization process chain release to avoid risk factors analysis

first, analysis of risk factors to pay attention to the form of the chain. The chain is released in the form of general operation we often have the chain anchor text form, the chain is not pure. You can click but can increase the love Shanghai related to the domain of the form, the second is to click on the link for the URL form, the three forms of each type we have analyzed one by one, anchor the author thinks that the text form, is to enhance the website weight and keywords ranking the most powerful way, but not a single anchor text, excessive single anchor text is love Shanghai location cheating the most direct factor is the chain, the author suggests that the best anchor text outside the chain and he released several types of way to combine with their own network for Lantian jade for example, in the process of exchange links in no doubt, this time the anchor text is the best of the chain release timing, Links anchor text correlation not only can effectively avoid making The risk of harm, but also can greatly enhance the website weight and keywords ranking. Secondly, increase the relevant domain type link form, the best way is not submitted to the soft release, in stationmaster net as an example, we at the bottom indicate the copyright when, when others reprint articles, we link to related domain form of others, this kind of form can avoid the website down very right well, the best choice is to enhance the quantity and quality of the website. The opposite is related to an increase in domain of large-scale mass outside the chain, manual operation mode, because the human factor is too obvious, it will increase the chain risk index brings. So, you should pay attention to the screening when it is released.

as everyone knows, the process of Web site optimization is a gradual process of accumulation, has repeatedly suppressed love Shanghai algorithm, causing people to panic for a variety of website optimization, outside chain release for example, not only to consider the quality of the chain, the release frequency, form should be constrained by the love of all aspects of Shanghai, in the fight against all sorts of factors constantly under the optimization process of Chinese and foreign chain website released itself is a kind of game and love Shanghai, how to avoid the risk factors of the chain release, the author from the following points and give a detailed analysis, good gossip short continued us into the topic.

second, released the chain speed and time should pay attention to the risk analysis. The existence of the chain release rate is second and the time can lead to the chain risk index to enhance the index of general love Shanghai for the chain of audit in addition to the platform of the quality factors, the chain growth rate and time is also considered an important indicator of general love Shanghai for the definition of the chain we can know through the love of Shanghai webmaster tools, specific it is expressed, only a principle of love Shanghai judge whether the chain for the chain: whether the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific high quality recommendations significance. Recommended that the two word is we in the chain release process must be mindful of the criteria, then we analysis the chain release rate and time, generally true links its rate is usually relatively flat and uniform, some wantonly published web links such as mass, in >

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