Shanghai dragon Er is confused and helpless that when you most need to do what

optimization should not Yangaoshoudi, I found that many Shanghai dragon Er also through various channels to enhance their theoretical knowledge, to have their own research experience, the optimization process can be said off the reel a pretty close, but when you found the real let them find out optimization. The results are always unsatisfactory, in fact, a lot of people have this problem, I want to say is the number of your website or encounter less, you optimize the experience as well as shallow, Shanghai dragon optimization if only training or learning a few books can become a master, I believe the industry will soon fall. Only proves that the search engine algorithm is too low, you have guessed, ranking and what to do?

Shanghai dragon ?  

I sometimes confused optimization. This time I find who? I ask who? Especially for the advanced thinking and algorithm, who can give us the selfless sharing free? Many optimization problems encountered when I was through the Shanghai dragon books to find the answer, I think there are still some dry cargo on the books, many books the author is a master, because a good book will be responsible for sales to the user for the readers here, I always recommend Shanghai dragon every one teacher Zac, books "," Shanghai dragon combat code "Shanghai Dragon Art" are we to enhance their own optimal thinking we must share. As much as possible involves some books network marketing and promotion, can let the system into an industry, a lot of the time, the book of knowledge to continuously deepen Read, read the book is not to be understood, their levels of different reading to comprehend the things are not the same, especially for some practitioners two or three years of Shanghai dragon Er we want to find some suitable for their own books.

we know that we can’t optimize the Shanghai dragon has been limited to the optimization of thinking before, to enhance their own most of the time we want to try. But I found a lot of Shanghai dragon Er also hope to enhance the optimization level of their own, but sometimes very helpless, what is the reason? Mainly do not know how to start, coupled with the Shanghai dragon industry truly master very rare, everyone has a feeling for the division without the door, then, as for me, I have been in the first the first line optimization, I think he is the best teacher, it is difficult to solve the problem of the ideas and methods, this is the so-called experience problem.

actually, Shanghai Longfeng no >

many webmaster hope to improve themselves through training institutions, of course, this is a kind of means, but we found that many training institutions are just some fur theory, real combat instructors may itself is an ordinary Shanghai dragon Er, they can not tell how profound things, certainly not satire others, because I found really good, Shanghai dragon Er are fighting in the first line of the Internet webmaster, it has a certain right to speak only the actual combat experience of Shanghai dragon er.


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