Several remedies summarized website drop right after the Shanghai Dragon

a few years ago as long as in the Keywords tag to join keywords, so it is easy to get keywords ranking, when the vast majority of websites are doing, so is the major portals, because of excessive abuse, or even malicious use of the point, so directly caused the label to search engine to give up, now due to the weakening of the label, the label of the phenomenon of excessive optimization is also very rare.

is the optimization of excessive and cheating separately, because I think over optimization is more of an unconscious operation in the operation, do not feel so will lead to drop right under the condition of slowly over optimized, and cheating is more knowing what the nature of this operation is to be.

In addition

, a subjective right down


for Shanghai dragon cheating cause right down, such as the mass of the chain, hanging black chain, buy links, hidden links, some form of cheating is good, but some form of cheating will be very tangled, like mass outside the chain, it is.

did Shanghai dragon is clear, Shanghai dragon is a long-term work, because the weights of the website is to increase accumulation to slowly increase, and is difficult to eat a big fat, but will be counterproductive, but in the actual operation process, always because of all kinds of problems, resulting in no ranking to rise, even right down, so a lot of Shanghai dragon ER gradually to a word: do Shanghai Longfeng not met right down is not a good Shanghai Longfeng, people often consult others right down, the first sentence is always calm response,

yes, the site is down right is not necessarily a bad thing, at least is a mistake in Shanghai Longfeng operation above, and so, in the analysis of the rights in the process of reduction is also on various aspects of the further combing and learning.

1, excessive optimization.

2, Shanghai dragon cheat.

I will combine some of their own web sites down the right experience and other Shanghai dragon right down experience, summarize several remedial measures after the site right down.

the site right down there are many factors, so I divide them into subjective factors and objective factors.


, title of the title tag keyword stack can easily lead to excessive optimization, a better approach is only the front page as a page, instead of the whole station, a lot of people because the weight is the highest, so the various types of keywords are piled up to the home page, so that these words can get good rankings. In fact, a page only corresponds to a keyword, such as the page is furniture content page, but you must add clothing in the title keywords, to the user, are not friendly to the search engine ranking, poor effect is also very normal.

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