The program is closely related with the Shanghai Dragon

didn’t do before in Shanghai Longfeng, from the Internet and QQ group heard about how to optimize Shanghai Dragon said, Mostly speaking each big website, forum hair article, do link. Indeed, with the soft chain plays a very important role in optimizing, but not all. There is a very important step is the realization of the program.


is an excellent and experienced programmer when program development should take into account the user experience and website optimization. Under normal conditions the Internet, I believe no one is willing to wait for a turn to "snail speed" website, I encountered such websites usually will not shut down would rather. So the first step in a program to do is do the optimization of the code, with a minimum of code to make the best effect, some need a lot of HTML code or JS code to achieve special effects if you consider using framework to contain, so you can save a lot of code for the page. Redundant web page code is the Achilles heel of the website open slowly.

search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization, referred to as the Shanghai dragon) is a kind of objective to improve website ranking in the search engine in the way of using search engine rules. Because many research found that several items of search engine users often only look search results to the front, so many websites hope to affect the search engine through various forms of sorting. Especially in various rely on advertising website why. The so-called "optimal processing" in the search engine, it is to point to to make the site more easily accept search engine. Profound understanding is: through the Shanghai dragon such a set of ideas based on search engine marketing, provide the ecological type of self marketing solutions for the site, let site occupies a leading position in the industry, so as to obtain brand earnings.

was the first to introduce, I tend to interactive media programmers, web site construction has been 5 years, from the first web design and program development (now also learned Shanghai dragon optimization) makes me feel very big now like to share my experience and experience.

for search engines play a very important point: static website. The website has two kinds: static pseudo static and static. The search engine is the best of course is true (as for static page static page to the search engine in the webmaster online there are a lot of good articles are introduced, here I do not explain). This is the programmer.

program for optimization is so important? If you have experience should know that the web page layout code is the premise of the optimization. Many articles are introduced to optimize the most favorable "golden" and some of the other layout, I would no longer be introduced here. Back to the topic, you open a website, you can see the layout of the site is open and the speed of technical function, you can not see the other, program development is to give you the best code the best Internet experience and search engines.


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