The website to enhance the conversion rate you have noticed that it

for an original content, very common. But for a high quality original content, is the real user needs, the spider love article. So if a website want to have good development, your website can not have a lot of content, but the content must be able to meet the needs of users, not just to do "title party". For example, there is a beautiful beautiful reality, make you feel very shy, kind, but when you get along with her, she found it very much, and talk again and again, so you are also willing to flashy without substance, after seeing her? The answer is certainly not willing to. So the nature of the site is the same, when users have a good impression of you will try to see more, know more, but after knowing your site is found not in horse horse mouth, so you think users will be second times to see your site to high quality? The content is a key to improve the conversion rate of essential site.

I remember in 2011, I and an old webmaster chat, I asked the master what is a good site? The webmaster only answer me a word "my site 1000IP, earn 1W a month. Your website 10000IP, a month earn 8K, so my website is a good website". This sentence has been that I remember, let me begin to pay attention to and study how to improve the site conversion rate. So today I share is that some can effectively improve the site conversion rate details, hope to help you master.

said the site, believe that 99% of all is the same as small to life to make money, only 1% of the owners for their own interests. So today I talk about this topic and believes that the 99% webmaster will be interested, that is the site of the conversion rate.

(a) site within the reasonable layout.

reasonable layout can be provided access to the search engine spiders, spiders are easy to grab and included. For this, we try to avoid the website chain, if there is no way you can add a 404 page for the site, it can effectively jump to the home page when the spider crawling and user access, so it is good to avoid the loss of weight and user. And for web content we can add a, a guide to a lot of users visit our page. The best there is online is very popular now a Ming called "guess you love" plug-ins to guide users to visit our more articles. So many users visit our website, then click ads likely a lot for the shopping guide website, users have the chance to buy it a lot, so we must do the site within the reasonable layout.

(three) is simple but with the induction of page design.

(two) increase the contents of high quality.

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