Wang Tong Shanghai dragon algorithm changes and Countermeasures


link analysis

before 2003, when Google and love Shanghai although there is link analysis, but the algorithm is mainly based on text analysis, Shanghai dragon is very simple, "the title and meta as well as web content in keyword density increased, you can easily get ranking.


, a search engine algorithm changes following four stages:

1, artificial directory

so, no matter how the search engine algorithm changes, we only need to stand on the user’s point of view, to understand the needs of users, we can infer the new algorithm.

mentioned intelligent analysis, have to mention one thing happened in 2006, when the CN domain name suddenly a piece of money can be registered, I soon discovered that the love of Shanghai update slow, so I love Shanghai hard enough to predict. Indeed, the next year, Chinese station flooded unimaginable extent, let love Shanghai miserable, then began to love Shanghai artificial delete spam content, and enhance the original content analysis technology.

text analysis intelligent analysis

I love the complicated things simple, so I only share three of the most important point:

from 2004 to 2009, this period of time, the most popular Shanghai dragon in the circle of words: content is king, the link for the emperor! This time, search engine is the most important link, the more backlinks, the more favorable for ranking. So it leads to a flood of spam links, later link, black links, the last resort, the search engine upgrade algorithm, batch clean up on junk connection and black links for website.

two, the new Shanghai dragon algorithm to share the experience of


is mainly used in 2001, the earliest YAHOO model, the Shanghai dragon is very simple, as long as the data were submitted when writing the application, you can get good rankings.

but to the beginning of 2004, there are a large number of batch garbage stations, seriously affecting the noble baby, was a period of time, some popular search term in the field of Google, the first three pages at least more than 20 is rubbish station. Finally led to the Google algorithm and ranking purge.


1, to prevent spam sites cheating

2, to enhance the user experience of the technical analysis of

after 2009, SNS is more and more popular, new applications emerge in an endless stream, the search engine algorithm also further to the intelligent analysis of forward, into the analysis of more social networking elements. However, the search engine algorithm core principles change forever, that is:


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