The search engine is responsible for the site responsible for the people to keep people

People need to retain ?

also is a combination of website tools outside, because the site itself is the ability to keep people poor, at present the enterprise station basically does not have the function. Blogs and forums > slightly better

if your site do not keep this step, then the more traffic flow in, will stay away. Finally, what your site are not, the site needs to look like a reservoir, how to say something in precipitation. Instead of a river water, the river without water, a lot depends on the search engine’s Web site will appear this kind of circumstance. Once the abnormal performance of the web site in the search engine, the flow will lose the source, if a person is to rely on this website, you will also lose their livelihood. At this time the user will precipitation become extremely important, even if the search engine stop, you can use those flow down to continue through this difficult period, until you find the new flow.

method, we first need to have high quality website content for a user to a web site is to find he want to find something. So this is a rigid demand, if you can not solve his present difficulties, it will go there again, after the wonderful content will also miss it. So it is essential to solve a website user’s needs, of course you can solve this problem then there is a more important problem, is that long-term users. For example, iphone1 to iphone5 name, why do this product generation, the reason is that in order to retain long-term users.

search engine is a traffic transfer station, the search engine is just a reverse flow, did Shanghai Longfeng people should be particularly clear to. The search engine will eventually flow to the site, many sites of accumulation of users still use the search engine that maybe users use search engines to find a good site, the site collection, then it is no longer entered through the search engine. This website URL or enter directly into the site, or in the search engine search brand word to your site is a way of the traffic to your website basically is your loyal users, your site is to retain people, but you how much traffic is from this part

how to solve the long-term needs of the needs of users to solve the user, a lot of people in the first place to do better, small sites are doing better. But to solve the long-term needs of the user to the user into loyal users, which is not easy, even many large web sites is not doing well. What kind of content has the characteristics of long term retention is worth thinking, such as news is this characteristic, if your website provides the high quality of Shanghai dragon news, then I am not a day to your site to watch the news. For example, I downloaded a software upgrade, you need to upgrade the software, of course, you need to download. Of course, there are other features can make user habits, we combine their industry into a summing up by.

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