Your submission and love which is more conducive to Shanghai included new line station

finally, the website Links

space! URL and then update the website content website"The address of the

on our site updated (URL) is the best static, if you can not achieve to achieve pseudo static. And we must ensure that every day or within a short period of time to update the article regularly, to adhere to the 3, 4 articles of the original article, to ensure that the site did not have much duplicate content.

railway station, we can in some weight higher (like A5) or related Forum blog with a certain amount of our website link text, you can also leave a description of the text of the link in the signature signature. They can let you find traces of search engine robots.

new line after we can find some weight website under Links, if unable to reach this point, we can also find 6, 7 website snapshot update website home page Links. For the type of Links, personal advice is the best choice of the same type or highly related website links.


third, website external links

I think so: after the new station, do all the preparatory work for the robots.txt site map, 301 turn, fixed connection and so on a series of work, to determine the future won’t do a great deal of change, then submit. Or the future will be very troublesome. Can also do the chain waiting included, don’t do a lot of short-term connection, step by step, insist is the truth. Not in the short term do not submit duplicate

first of all, we should pay attention to is the site on the server:

here I share with you again let love and let love Shanghai fast included new Shanghai long-term stable website experience, we hope to help:

for web server selection of this point is very important, we must ensure that the server doesn’t block our website search engine robot IP, in general there is no problem; the best server is to choose a stable and high speed, so it is more conducive to the only after the Shanghai dragon and a little bit of work; it is very important, our website is the website space with some space on a server, select the site space, be sure to visit our "neighbors", once have received the punishment of the search engine, if any must change a server to the

filed with the Shanghai included love which is more conducive to the new on-line station? As everyone knows, to love Shanghai included in your new sites, you can through two ways: one is in the search engine login entrance to submit their own website, another is the release of the chain, to attract the search engine robots patronize, which included us the new station. But many people do not know their submission and love Shanghai collection which is better? Chinese information below and we work together to explore:


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