Those things from the website traffic caused by the fluctuation caused by the

brings the flow of this part can be said that 80% is the core of the user site, and is our focus on the development of object. To improve the proportion of this part of the flow.

This part of 3. click on the link

brought traffic

now return to the US version of problems caused by traffic, what changes are likely to affect the web site traffic, as is to improve the flow, or reduce the flow, this is a test of operators "technology". Here is not to need operators need to understand the technology, but the operators need to understand "in the website after the need to pay attention to the problem, including before the revision, after the revision of the problem".

here is mainly about third points and fourth points. In fact, third points and fourth points are similar, should consider the problem of data conversion, if not a lot of conversion, will affect the ranking of web traffic and. The fourth point is also the most difficult to different programming language data into existing language data. So if the technology has not yet reached this level, do not easily change the programming language.


part can be simply understood as a result of Shanghai Longfeng effect, mainly is through the search keywords from traffic. The proportion of this part should be gradually reduced, can not rely on search engines.

traffic from search engines

well, now began to discuss the part of traffic to the site:

traffic sources, should know the revision if handled improperly, flows of reason. Yes, that is second points and third points.

here is a real example to introduce some basic information of an industry website. Industry website, website content is around 280 thousand, the reverse link is about 140 thousand, the industry website is relatively good ranking in the industry, the site of Shanghai Longfeng and layout is good, traffic is 1>

is simply the chain to bring traffic, because the chain has 2 requirements: 1) to pave the way for improve the site’s ranking; 2) directly to the site to bring traffic. This part does not need to go to the main chain, or to expand the coverage of.

website revision upgrade has become an inevitable problem, how to treat this problem, and the subsequent problems arising from the problems, do not know how this article you, what do you think? Website is a big problem in the operation of site operations personnel need to face the.

1. directly enter the URL brought traffic

From the above analysis of 2.

website has several forms of the following: 1) section of the adjustment; 2) the site layout adjustment; 3) to set up a website (in the same programming language, to make the site); 4) to set up a website (even the programming language change, re production site)


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