What kind of enterprises need to recruit Shanghai dragon how to recruit


so, what kind of enterprise need to recruit Shanghai dragon? Have editors, even with the technicians, but the ranking is not, must be out of the question of Shanghai Longfeng this time. There are many websites every day on the bidding investment is terrible, some natural ranking search output appropriate, will greatly reduce the expenses. Such enterprises usually need to recruit "medium" enterprise, Shanghai dragon. And those who just built a site, there is not any personnel responsible for the site, the most suitable is the annual payment, according to the single word "pay for outsourcing, outsourcing industry is now speaking of keywords, the water depth is more than 95%, service providers will not use formal approach to deal with, the ranking is up, then charges. Do not, without any loss to them, but the site itself may suffer punishment.


enterprise recruitment the most basic requirements: Shanghai dragon who operate independently of a web site, and must have "success stories", and check. You know, just do the chain now, the formal means of ranking is not to go, we must all have the opportunity to operate. If you give the salary is good enough, can ask to do a preliminary site evaluation is not impossible, it would be better to filter out a large number of novice".


this is not a technical article, but it is a real enterprise to share, if you need to recruit Shanghai Longfeng enterprises? How to recruit Shanghai dragon, or other ways to solve the problem of Shanghai dragon? This article, I believe you will be receiving.

then the remaining 75% where? A few days ago He Wei Jiang made a summary table, a complete website of Shanghai dragon system, at least 300+ analysis of the above problems, it is essential to improve. Usually the most important include: TKD (title, keywords, description) deployment, accounting for about 10%, accounting for about 15% of the surface layout, inside the chain optimization accounting for about 20%, 5% pages of user experience, quality and value of 20%.


In addition

today, a microscler website, Shanghai dragon basically became the company’s standard, but you know how many Shanghai dragon? Many enterprise recruitment "little Shanghai dragon" effect of a few, even a website "killer", this is how it goes? He Guijiang 10 years of Shanghai Longfeng experience for you to answer these questions.

said Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon you know specifically what to do? Nearly 90% of people think: Shanghai dragon is the hair of the chain, the chain of hair high, ranking natural good. There is no denying that the chain does have a promoting effect on the rankings, early about weight ratio of 25%, but the site development late if not do the chain will not be affected. The Shanghai dragon, how much value

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