Five problems often encountered in the optimization of the entire station

do a lot of Shanghai Dragon Master in order to save their own research and development of a software, can easily push can be a release of information to multiple platforms, get many of the chain, radish feel this kind of software is only suitable to promote some relatively large portals, information, and most of them are original a lot of the chain increased, the short term is the search engine can accept, but some enterprises, some information is not updated too frequently or not to go to the site, radish feeling. Using this software, so as to avoid spending money to buy the software, but also not.

? !

solution: can online test, but must be in the root directory and a robots.txt file, to limit the search engine spiders crawl, so you do after the test is completed, the basic optimization, you can modify the robots file to the search engines included.

, a website optimization can be on-line test in

two, after the line on the website as long as


note: friends should know, love is love Shanghai original things, the original content is a part, so the original program code is very important, and a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, HTML and program to have a certain understanding, some simple HTML to write will be used to do.

this problem is very simple, usually a web site if it is your own hand knock code, the website format can be and other sites, such sites in 1-3 days can be included. Of course, some friends will only do Shanghai dragon, HTML and procedures for no contact, then your web site is to use the source code of the Internet, these friends if you want to make the site quickly included words, the content of the website is the necessary condition, and then the chain in a few simple do with on, just to the laggards or some popular forum posts, believe that the site will soon find the spider.

will be included?

do ZhengZhan optimization case friends should know that in learning theory knowledge, always put the site optimization imagination so simple, but in the website optimization we always meet many problems in the actual operation process, most of these problems in the theory of knowledge also involves how to solve specific problems, what, then this radish describe some

did not do a good job?

believe that the friends all know, some website style, the program is displayed in the local and server effect is different, so some friends always used to test site in the server, do modify the site bug is relatively fast, but there is one point we should pay attention to you, in the process of testing the search engine will slowly start to pay attention to your site, and soon included your site, this time the issue appeared, the website first impression of search engine is not a perfect site, on the site later and will have a certain impact on

three, mass software used in the end can you

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