Analysis of cosmetics website of Shanghai Longfeng case target keywords


Korea cosmetics wholesale 150 love Shanghai ranked 61, Google ranked first page of

cosmetics wholesale network for 0

is a keyword competition is too fierce, spend a lot of time and energy, even money, no way to optimize.

from the ranking data, website ranking in Google is good, a little love in Shanghai in the.

imported cosmetics wholesale 100 love Shanghai ranked 52, Google ranked third page

cosmetics wholesale 600-800 love Shanghai ranked 215, Google ranked first page of

the following actual case analysis: how to determine the target keywords web page

website optimization, first consider the steps is to determine the target keywords.

cosmetics wholesale market 160 love Shanghai ranked 158, Google ranked second page

this is a cosmetics wholesale website, here I will not open the URL, the analysis process we are for reference only.

target site business mainly in the wholesale, so the choice of keywords should start from the direction of wholesale. At the same time, a good title can attract more traffic. For a connection > underline

When any one of the

a few days ago, a friend entrusted me to help look his cosmetics website, the site has been in operation for almost 5 years, but the performance is still not too ideal keyword ranking. I will continue to send out after the analysis.

provides many Shanghai Longfeng optimization company in the face of customers do not understand Shanghai dragon, often recommended to optimize some low difficulty no word searches, ranking may soon be able to optimize. But it is useless to customers. If your company has asked people to optimize the website, need to pay attention to this point.

two is the choice of the no search volume keywords, even can optimize up, but no user search in vain.

generally choose the wrong target keyword has two kinds:

original title set 6 words, usually home key is not recommended more than 4 keywords, because more, means that the optimization of the time, the need for more energy. A good general recommendation 1-3. So we want to get rid of some. We first search volume 6 keywords analysis, using love Shanghai index tools: 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝/

brand cosmetics wholesale 110 love Shanghai ranked 51, ranking the first page of Google

?Original title: Shanghai

search volume data:

website Title cosmetics wholesale cosmetics _ wholesale, Korean cosmetics brand cosmetics wholesale, wholesale, wholesale import of cosmetics, cosmetics wholesale market

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