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some friends may say, I just don’t love fill in the Shanghai encyclopedia, when users enter search keywords in the search engines love Shanghai, also can show a lot of relevant information. That itself is not wrong, but love is the Shanghai encyclopedia you can control its own to display information and other information display the contents of a lot of uncertainty, even if you do not want users to see the information, then, according to the Shanghai love search engines display order, fell in love with the sea is usually displayed in the Encyclopedia of the front a few search results, so you can put your message through the love of Shanghai encyclopedia passed to a valid user, the user can also in the first time to fully enjoy the user experience.

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network era, network marketing has become an important topic for all business and marketing can not be avoided. However, how to use the network for effective marketing promotion, is indeed a very daunting task. The author will put some of their own experience summed up to share with you, hoping to help you.

published by Hunan people’s Publishing House of the anti-corruption novel "secret fishing richest man II" for example, people in Shanghai love search engine type "secret fishing man" to search for, which shows its first message is "love" on the Shanghai encyclopedia "secret fishing II" all relevant information’s introduction. Including: ISBN, sheet, pricing, format, publishing time, author, directory and other related information. This part of the book of the Internet users are interested in is possible from dangdang贵族宝贝, joyo贵族宝贝 and other related network channels to buy the book. This completes the first effective network marketing.

China online shopping, or access to the information they need, usually love ", love Shanghai."

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results are not all you wish to display information. This requires marketing personnel in the development of network marketing strategy, we must pay attention to competitors, users, and feelings of the third party, must as far as possible not to make enemies, so you can avoid a lot of negative information that appears in the search results to the user, misleading.

, that is to say, the usual practice is to enter the keyword to query their love in Shanghai search engine, in the search, and then view the information displayed in the search engine.

in the "secret fishing richest man" as an example, the movie adaptation rights >

, fill out the "love Shanghai encyclopedia"

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, "I" the richest man close to catching the publishing unit of the original Huashan Art Publishing House has neglected this work in the book launch time, which virtually lost many potential customers. This is because they do not pay attention to user experience caused.


keyword is the user through the search engine query related information of the pass, but on the Internet, search engine

two, the effective use of the "Keywords" marketing

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