Discussion on the three aspects of judgment is website promotion effect

website promotion of the word in the webmaster and not strange, as long as you have a website you need to do the promotion, but in general, the webmaster will be particularly concerned about whether it can bring obvious effect when doing promotions are. But if you want to extend the analysis is not to have the certain effect or whether the maximum impact, we need to analyze data, and this one is most of the webmaster headache, after all, many owners prefer to do more than a few chain to see a bunch of boring figures. But don’t see it not, therefore, according to the website promotion effect, is to make people happy and worry ah. Today I share a few simple methods to determine the site promotion effect:

website promotion is to let users from different places to enter the site, such as micro-blog, blog, forum, quiz platform and so on, this is not to say whether the promotion effect can be a good source of traffic from the judgment? But once the website has a wide range of sources that users can enter the website from different directions, and the search engine will that website on the network is very popular, after all, the source is equivalent to other sites to give their site to vote vote. Like his friends say a person

website how much traffic is a most direct factor to judge the promotion effect of the promotion, because the webmaster is not in order to get more traffic? No matter where it came from, only need to increase the flow of nature can be drawn on the website promotion effect, of course, this effect is small, after all, to each extension can maximize the effect is undoubtedly the webmaster don’t tell some fantastic tales, too greedy, as long as their website promotion has a little effect you can give yourself a shot in the arm. So, for the traffic because of this thing, so webmaster every day to see once, and don’t say love, the owners do not analyze data, and their promotion, traffic increased, promotion of natural selection has obvious effect. But regardless of size, the webmaster should also feel excited. So, to increase traffic to the site and not to determine whether the effect of promotion is the most direct and simple.

, a web site traffic is increased

promotion can improve the rankings? Website ranking rose is the promotion effect? In fact many webmaster website optimization and promotion mix. For website promotion is indeed the most easy to improve website ranking, because the chain is a kind of promotion, the text is a kind of promotion, but also improve the promotion of website exposure and visibility, when both of them have become the natural standing is not what is difficult. So, for the judgment of website promotion effect, reference to the website ranking is improved is very normal. But as a part of the chain is also in the promotion of the chain to improve the effect of ranked knows, the website promotion effect of the reference to the website ranking is not what was wrong.

three, flow sources is extensive

two, website ranking is improved

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