Analysis what needs to be done to prepare before the line on the website

7, robots.txt

6, blank page

to determine their own web page title, then don’t site, found wrong changes frequently, easily lead to search engine drop right, so we must be included in the written before. There are pages written in title is standard, is not all one with a title of the important keywords are front.


specification within the page’s URL, this is also very important. If the problem is found, the URL of the website changes, also easily lead to search engine drop right. Specification for web site is to let each page only a web site can be opened, not a content has more than one. And within the page URL as short as possible, but also conducive to the inside pages of the rankings.

?1, the domain name




is the preferred domain you want the search engine to index page into your domain (sometimes referred to as standard domain), is the preferred domain name website. If you also analyzed with WWW and without www domain name, choose one of them as the preferred domain, also do a 301 redirect to the preferred domain above.

space is very important to choose a good web site development, which is the foundation to ensure the stability of the site. If the space is not stable, love Shanghai or from time to time users will not open, which is the site to drop right foreshadowed. Because many webmaster ignore this, let yourself several months into water.

Deng Xiaoping once said a famous saying: "education should start". For the website, but also from the website optimization Shanghai dragon line before the start. Some of the details of the work without notice, the site may cause the so-called "congenitally deficient, lose at the starting line". So, what needs to be done to prepare the site on-line before

domain name in the website operation in the whole process, we generally do not change, so choose a meaningful and easy to remember domain name is very important. My love is on the one hand, more important is to let users love after, let users remember. This is why a good domain name can sell hundreds of thousands, even millions of reasons.

5, page title

robots.txt file is used to control the search engines crawl, some do not want or need included page, ranking page can be shielded, so as not to waste.


3, the preferred domain

this is a lot of webmaster problems, if your site has a large number of columns or list, but these pages are blank, the search engine grab a lot of useless pages, there will be a bad impression on the site, that site is low quality web page. Therefore, appropriate to fill some of the content, or according to a batch add column.

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