Do more easily play the bidding bidding misunderstanding

second: the account of the word the more the better

once, some of our bidding specialist together talking, a lot of people complaining about every tune tune creative changes – adjustable price. Adjustable adjustable price words, or modify the creativity is a foundation for the bidding. Adjust the tone – adjustable price, modify the creative just to let users better for our promotion. But if you just in order to optimize the quality of optimization and optimization. Did you know, for your occupation is not enough. SEM, or straight bids, bosses look attention here, because it can reduce the cost of sales, get more benefits. Do now can tell the account: adjust the purpose is to reduce the cost of sales, to win more benefits. In addition, the bidding specialist must analyze data, grasp the key word optimization (recommend you to look at the "28 law").

SEM does not belong to the bidding auction or is SEM

today, the rapid development of the network, so that each industry are staring at the network market, almost every industry has focused on SEM, tens of millions of enterprises gradually transition to the information and network, how to head with the cake points. Do the graduation has been focused on SEM dynamic medical industry, as Shanghai has served as a love _ noble baby bidding specialist. But nearly a year journey encountered a lot of waves, including some errors of understanding of bidding. Understand the bidding mistakes can help you to master the bidding is outside the building, can let you easily play with bidding. Now do the common mistake of bidding are summarized as follows:

now it is certain that the quality is related to the word ranking, can be at a cheaper price to get a better position, see quality is very important. >

The first point:

fourth, the pursuit of quality is good, but do not blindly pursue.

similarly, more words account means that your workload is bigger. At present in my account, there are about 1100 words, and has been concerned about bidding account inside words and data statistics and business dialogue, that attracted the flow of words is only 250-300 words, but words can really lead to dialogue will then have 100 words. People draw a conclusion: the word is not the more the better, words must do fine. Stand in the user’s point of view in the design of the unit, which not only can reduce your workload, but also put the money available in the burn, caused by the higher attention.

third: bidding work is adjusted, adjust or modify the price term creative

many friends confused the concept of SEM, because they may be engaged in the work of the bidding Shanghai love love Shanghai auction as SEM, actually engaged in a job in SEM. SEM services including the PPC, Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization), buy keyword advertising, pay per click (PPC), but the auction is a SEM in.

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