Crazy love Shanghai update let me understand how to do Shanghai Dragon

for a long period of time their sites have not been Baidu "time period" affect, at first I thought these are adhere to their original effect, but their website in update 6.28 has been greatly affected, almost pulled clean, this time I found in Shanghai Dragon 3 times, the content is no longer a panacea. First of all, the punishment for love Shanghai collection content increase, rely on this web site owners are able to escape the love of Shanghai K station, although I adhere to the original, but not a collection of web content is not possible, the content can be collected is such a point of the site was plucked, visible love in Shanghai means. Secondly, the website to provide more novel and valuable things to the user, and not what others do not have, want to attract more traffic to attract people with real content, rather than beautiful pictures, gossip or even false information, finally the site’s profit means should be appropriate, not blindly hanging on the site advertising, not only affect the user experience, but also make your own website brand is definitely affected, get short-term benefits.

high quality website is not limited to the original word, pay more attention to the value of

from the beginning to the end, I feel love is a victim of Shanghai, said that in order to better service and better information presentation quality, why websites that have spent the money or even pornographic websites is not affected, but those of us every day to do original content, day hand link webmaster was K. We like the whole jour as end complain. For this, I want to join the anti Shanghai alliance to love, for love in Shanghai. But today, when I really calm down and chat with industry friends, I really found, in the current environment, if there is no love Shanghai, our webmaster is no way out. Although my heart for the love of Shanghai gas, but their work is not without any loopholes, plus Chinese search engines love Shanghai alone, we can only adjust the strategy to his resignation, win more long-term development.

reduces the dependence on the love of Shanghai’s website, improve website between the user and the viscosity of

the reason why many webmaster scold love Shanghai, because these friends will be worth all throw the helve after the hatchet in love Shanghai, site of all traffic all rely on love Shanghai, love Shanghai upset, right down, pull hair, off the rankings, then the site instantly lost profitability. But from this aspect we also advance to see the serious consequences of excessive dependence on the love of Shanghai, so that the construction process in the future, we need to reduce the potential for love Shanghai source of traffic dependence, love is not everything Shanghai traffic has been countless facts prove, Taobao screen love Shanghai still do music full of vigor and vitality. Cool days rely on love Shanghai but still fail, is such a reason, foundation of website development in the user, we should appropriate to the user’s own brand and together, get more traffic, rather than rely on pure love > Shanghai

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