A name card online production site optimization case


" name card online production of " the word from the perspective of competition index (300+) competitive, there are many websites with the home page to do the word ranking. But we will see a page in the row to the home page, in the third row. The following analysis of the website ranking is so good why.


The first kind of

fourth, we need to design tall on the name card.

page user experience is very good, is not only the text to meet the needs of users to search, in each category is in line with the user experience. For example, click on the first "self design", the following will be a lot of templates to choose, can own custom text, greatly reduce the user cost of communication. Choose a template, this single page can be printed. The user is satisfied, the next need to design a name card, will come to this page, keep the user ranking is a natural thing.


Title: first look at the name card design _ name card online design _ name card free design – a picture of

header design several times, increase the weight, but did not appear completely online name card production, as a whole, does what color of the place.

Repeat the name card in the

basically to all users needs to cover.

user experience is the most important factor ranking. A good place to do this website is very good to meet the needs of users, lists three different name card scheme.

users have the following four kinds of different needs, respectively:

In fact, this


second, designers, 24 hours of the first draft, multiple payment template selection.

third, I have only printing style.

PS: from sales, good user experience can greatly improve the conversion rate, Shanghai dragon and user experience, the conversion rate is closely related to the relationship between worth every Shanghai dragon ER thinking. The source of Shanghai Longfeng Advisory Network (www.soga贵族宝贝, Shanghai dragon) starting at A5 Webmaster Platform, please indicate the source.

, free design. The Internet is rich in template resources can be used, can be directly printed.

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