Analysis of Liu Huanbin’s Shanghai dragon VP tactics

I think this is perhaps the reason is Shanghai dragon VIP ranking in the home page, also is the priority among priorities. If there is no large number of clicks, I think Shanghai dragon VIP this site only by good ">

we look at Liu Huanbin said: "in addition, Shanghai dragon" Shanghai dragon training "keywords ranking within a day to the first place, it should be concerned with the click behavior. In December 5th, I published the case in micro-blog, attracting a large number of Shanghai Longfeng crowds, we use the mouse to Shanghai dragon voted, love Shanghai apparently understood everyone’s intentions, given the rankings."

we look at Liu Huanbin said: "I want to say is, 1 high quality of the chain can be worth 1000 common links."

we look at Liu Huanbin said: "I spent about half an hour to consider Shanghai dragon page design, then write HTML and CSS in the process of writing code in the page copy I also write out, almost one, spent a total of about 1.5 hours. That is to say, the production process of Shanghai dragon only 2 hours."


obviously, I before the link strategy is wrong, before I tell most of the grassroots webmaster, every day to set their own plans to send several dozens of days every day, even outside the chain. The results are counterproductive, often be judged as "junk chain" will destroy the whole process of Shanghai dragon. So if I do the same in the spam chain friends, stop and think about the words of Liu Huanbin. So we don’t go astray.

Liu Huanbin, Shanghai dragon world Master, I believe that as long as do Shanghai dragon industry, basically no one does not know Liu Huan Bin, because of his combat experience, let people admire the bottomless. I think this is the real Shanghai dragon, before seen "deep thinking" of Robin square dance practice case, today also happened to see "only 20 days, Shanghai dragon training love Shanghai ranked first" not only make me more deeply, the original Shanghai dragon is not before I think so, the hair of the chain, the chain. But the tactics, let us look at Liu Huanbin’s tactics is how to operate.

framework and content layout

from Liu Huanbin’s words, is what we need to think about? I got a word, that is "the importance of architecture" a web site if the architecture is not good, obviously not what ranking, only the "website architecture" to deal with, can stand on the upper hand, this point is very important. Just before I install a program, get a template started Shanghai dragon’s work, I think I have to re-examine the strategy.

second, outside the chain of high quality

third, a large number of hits

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