Discussion on several mainstream and profitable Taobao customer mode

two, Taobao mall customer. The Taobao passenger is currently more common types, such as a pair of Taobao customers, Taobao mall and various customers. The Taobao guest website usually adopts API interface, automatic transfer of sales data on Taobao, so there is a similar Taobao user experience. So from a profit perspective, relatively large, but it is now Taobao were blocked from different extent, after all the way off Taobao seriously affected Taobao’s traffic, which is disadvantageous to the development of Taobao. So this kind of Taobao guest website in the choice must be careful, do not because of this Taobao guest website seems to sell a variety of products, and the user experience is also very good, on the choice of operation. Because once Taobao has been blocked, even do awake for others, it is difficult to obtain Taobao’s commission.

three, Taobao customer evaluation. This kind of Taobao customers can be said to be very classic, innovation is also very good, the beautiful and mogujie贵族宝贝 is the originator, but once Taobao has brought back a serious threat, led Taobao to close these comments Taobao guest website channel. But if you do the site is small, can in a certain industry in the development of Taobao, so it does not pose a risk, usually will not be blocked Taobao’s. The evaluation of Taobao customers, as the name suggests is through the organization of some circles, allowing users to evaluate the Taobao products inside the circle, or share their shopping experience, so.

, a single page of Taobao customers. It is very common for a Taobao passenger station mode, this mode is mainly divided into two kinds, one kind is specially recommended for a product, and these products are basically belongs to the profits products, such as diet and beauty products. Taobao or the guest website itself has sales ability, take the goods from home, direct sales to related customers to gain the profits. Another is the recommended ranking of Taobao customers, mainly recommend related products in a certain industry, such as the beauty industry products, clothing, slimming products etc.. Taobao guest website can be analyzed this kind of website, giving the relevant customers to recommend, to earn commission accordingly.

as everyone knows, Taobao is still a very important guest website profit model, the Taobao customer, monthly income of tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands is not a very difficult thing, of course, this site in addition to the right to choose their own Taobao off mode, a very good idea is also critical. This is why many webmaster to Taobao guest website, key to the final profit is expected to reach the target.

do not say first, this is a person’s experience and wisdom are closely related, but many owners from the beginning of the wrong Taobao passenger station mode, so even if there is a creative and wisdom, in fact it is not able to achieve good results. So, in essence, to successful operation of Taobao customers, select the appropriate Taobao customer mode is the key. The following analysis of several common Taobao passenger station mode.

In fact, the creative

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