Finance collection 10 simple steps to help your startup finance smoothlyLet the effective method of

two, through the user’s enthusiasm to participate in making money, so that the site’s IP effectively precipitation at the same time making money, this is the way to make money.

2. think about what type of investment you need, and what will you pay for this investment?

1. creates a winning strategy

has convertible notes. When you convert the loan into a bill format, it will be converted into some mortgage assets on the basis of the price on the note. This conversion model has two distinct advantages:

After you get the information on the amount of assets,

offset notes are much faster and more cost saving than seasoned equity offerings. The reason is simple, you and investors can talk about some of the complex equity terms, the corresponding file flow will be less, and do not do so much legal work.

• financial indicators such as income and cash flow

• product production date

of course, there’s no such thing in the world, but there are at least several ways you can finance it that aren’t that hard and long. We can make it a goal that can be achieved. So, ask yourself, how do you plan to finance? How many steps are there in the implementation?

• user participation

is a specific way to make money: you can publish on the website about your own hobbies and professional knowledge of the article, or you are an expert in a field, you can write some useful advice to others. Or recommend some good resources. For example: if you like cars, you can introduce the latest styles of automobiles and recommend some useful tools for automobiles. If you feel difficult to do so, still can make money through ADSENCE, you can browse the acquisition of other authors published

if you don’t understand the difference between investors, so for the company, it is difficult to distinguish the types of assets and the pros and cons. For the part of the core that allows us to judge, there may be convertible notes from investors or VCs, or quantitative information on assets.

, the former is a let their users to go out, is equal to the IP sent out, then one is to let their users stay, IP is equal to the effective precipitation down, of course, each have each advantage, the following eleven analysis:

, don’t you want someone in the world to tell you a formula for financing success,

will need to consider equity pricing: the company’s shares are sold at a fixed price after valuation.

, joined GOOGEL ADSENSE advertising alliance is very simple, there is no need to explain too much, we all know that the first registered shlf1314 ADSENSE advertising alliance member, it does not need to be very professional or good website, as long as there is a clean and simple web page is enough. Web content can be anything familiar to you. As long as there is no violation of shlf1314 policy ran there is no big problem, but some will be decisive, specific to the https://s.shlf1314/adsense to see.

website, we all want to make money, but money is the number of points, speed, slow do e-commerce, such as online selling products, money cost and cycle time are not small, if we want to make money, some methods are common, such as a GOOGEL is added ADSENSE advertising system through your web site users click on the ads to make money; or through a number of platforms, through the participation of users to make money.

The process of ?


financing is to get investors to trust your story and to buy your opinion and ultimately support your management team. Here’s a specific plan to make your dreams come true.

I also have some more convincing examples of the specific business objectives that can be learned and established". by the way, to remind you that this goal largely depends on your type of business and stage of development, and can not be generalized. the following are the factors to consider when setting up financing objectives:

since >

how to let users stay, interact on your website, each has his own way. We have to think that most of the users to the site, the forum is most entertainment, then we can grasp the characteristics of users do this, so they had to stay,

• minimum number of users

The core of

think about your choice and then make a cost-benefit analysis of each choice.

in their website for the guests

customers can get 0.01 cents –10 dollars per click ad revenue from the union as long as you click shlf1314 ADSENSE on your website for ads on your website. Your account is full of $100, and shlf1314 will send you a check in half a month. Does it seem so simple, yes, shlf1314 is the best advertising alliance in the country, and there are many websites that make money by doing shlf1314 ADSENSE, and I believe nobody doubts it.

I’ve said this a lot of times, but it’s important to focus on implementing a clear, objective financing model. What does that mean? If you’re ready to meet investors and finance, you’ll have a clear goal of your company’s development: calculate how much money you need to raise at a given time. Then your chances of success in financing will be greatly improved.

• minimum customer volume

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