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1, Alibaba Jack Ma

but breakthrough ideas often have some constraints, because it depends on whether the idea fits your company’s current situation. But even then, there are creative ideas and ways to help you overcome those constraints.

mentioned entrepreneurship, you can not help but talk about "adhere to."". While the majority of entrepreneurs to "adhere to the" two word opinion is highly consistent, the implementation is surprisingly similar, it can be said that the 99% have become "three minutes" or "keep on keeping on, just three hours." The next step is to make excuses for giving up and failing. It can be a law, money, team, industry. The original passion suddenly come to nothing, the head of the three thousand hair almost in one night will bleach, think of the countless nights, others in the number of stars, they looked at the Internet business success story, his mouth still talking about Robin Li, Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and other famous celebrities, those catchy inspirational slogans, why would come to nothing in an instant? In fact, our analysis will be Jingxiaxinlai seriously that they just got a little more than we insist, then became the difference between heaven and earth. Here, Xiaobian take a look at our current situation:


feels stuck in his thoughts. Here’s a proven and reliable way to help creative work. Your mind is stuck. It’s really stuck.

1. believes that breakthrough ideas are always possible,


scene 2:, you feel that your company has encountered a bottleneck, the company’s products somehow lost its features. What do you feel you need to do to promote your business, but you’re not sure what you should do? So what do you do next?

, a household name, has made the world’s e-commerce Empire out of a very bad look, and it has a natural ability. Each brainwashed Internet entrepreneurs in the industry will be told: "you look at Ma photos, then take a look in the mirror, you will find that you are better than him!" the result, still did not go beyond this looks very good people. In Xiao Bian seems, Ma Yun’s entrepreneurial process has been completely overwhelmed by the success of today’s glory, and for the hardships of entrepreneurship, I believe that Ma Yun would not mention. At the beginning of this century, the Chinese people hardly knew anything about the Internet. After all, it was related to the big environment at that time. It was generally believed that the Internet was synonymous with viruses and cheats. And Ma Yun was called "China’s first big Huyou" at that time. It was said that he went out with his employees

two, the portal station basically three months can reach IP on how much by means of technology, a super chain, a large number of anchor text, the short-term goal is to reach, then immediately into the first mentioned dilemma.

2., "what to do" and "how to do it"

The simple fact above

the reason you need to break through is because what you’re trying to do is not going to help you achieve what you do". So, the more you think about what to do and how to do it, the more you’ll get stuck in it, and your mind will get stuck in a barrier that prevents you from finding the solution, two

scene 1: you have a problem at work, but all the conventional means can’t solve the problem. You feel you need a more creative approach, but your imagination doesn’t take you where you want to go. So what should you do now?

in the traditional sense, those creative ideas are often unexpected, like flashes of inspiration. But I don’t think so. According to my experience, the breakthrough ideas are available as long as you want them. Here are some of my ways:

"what to do" is what you are trying to accomplish, such as a creative solution to a problem, or an excellent idea for a new product. "How to do it" is made up of all kinds of ways to help you achieve your goals.

, a website weight how suddenly nothing, but this day and night three months of hard work ah, why not say no? Wailing in the wild, so give up, or redo, or exit.

three, such a good project, how can there be no private investment or venture capital company concerned? Talking about a lot of home, the results did not get a penny!

four, flow is king, what all regardless of, regardless of what, there is traffic on the OK, user experience, shouting on the mouth on the line, cheat to come in again.

in the above two cases of course there are many other cases, you need a breakthrough idea, the idea is to be a "breakthrough" thinking obstacles, you not only that, this breakthrough will help you reach another level of success.

seems strange, people mind is always very difficult to breakthrough ideas, this is really strange, because our brain is by far the most complex organ, single objects and is also known as the world’s most creative.

tells us that if you’re looking for a breakthrough, your brain is fully capable of creating it. Sometimes your feelings aren’t right. If you want to control something more creative, your brain is actually ready to give you some relevant information.

various reasons, various excuses, not one by one. Today, Xiaobian take the three mountains said, look at their entrepreneurial experience, to its dregs, takes its essence, may have some help to our Internet business.

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