Eight Tips from the nternet to make moneyPerhaps it is because of the huge loss of 4 billion 200 mi

, have you changed the industry climate? No, the cheat click or cheat, the edge or hit.


for the cool 2016 losses, the outside world has long been expected, this point from the cool to delay the release of earnings will be able to get a glimpse of one or two often and often. In accordance with the normal requirements of the Hong Kong stock exchange, cool must be in no later than three months after the end of the company’s fiscal year ie before March 31, 2017, announced 2016 results, but cool but it was 2 months late.

, this is not a good comment. I think when you can see the experience of other people’s defeat, you can see that you are not far from success in a cold sweat. Now that there are more successful examples and more books, I would like to ask any publisher for the 100 most stupid B mistakes in marketing history. I’m sure it will sell well!

your country? No, you can steal taxes. You’ll steal it. You can do it with fewer people. You still have to open it.

can see, cool receivable in 2015 has more than 40% decline. And the final net profit, in fact, has nothing to do with its own mobile phone business, and that part of the income is derived from the sale of a certain Affiliated Companies cool rights and interests, so it produced a profit of HK $2 billion 640 million.

6, and the best business must be simple

World Business Laboratory news: Yes, free is a very attractive thing, the most prominent example is not Ma nor Alibaba, but Ma Huateng and his . From the beginning of 98 years, began to provide free instant messaging account and download software, and the function and constantly improve themselves, until one day, the fat Penguin said he charged, we only see light suddenly – you already cannot do without him, all the people around you are using , from the police to a prostitute, without exception. And until now, Tencent still maintained this tradition, each business is free for the first time, aimed at young people now love fashion, love comparisons of psychology, make enough money. You can’t help admiring Ma Huateng when you see a GIF with a few K sizes. You’re an old fox. You can’t help admiring.

what? No money? Not that you don’t have enough to eat, and if that’s the case, you might as well go to the relief station to get the city’s minimum living security. If you do that in order to make financing, ready to spend U.S. investors money ", it will assume a less financial resources situation, after all, you lower your brother to look at you, you lead, you couldn’t climb well he is you deserve, but killed a bunch of brothers you are wrong. Do not have practical work personnel have the harvest.

3, take the time to learn the experience of other people’s failure.

only see the loss of up to 4 billion 200 million Hong Kong dollars figures, understand notes or inevitable sigh, which compared with the loss of 3 billion Hong Kong dollars earlier warning of cool more terror.

1. is the most expensive thing in the world free of charge.

so profits, in fact, cool in 2015 has been a loss. And now, cool loss figures have been unable to cover up by other businesses, communications veteran’s aging is accelerating

in addition, cool earnings reported that its non current assets amounted to 2 billion 800 million Hong Kong dollars, the current assets amounted to HK $7 billion 200 million. In 2015, however, these two figures were HK $5 billion 700 million and HK $8 billion 500 million respectively. Thus, cool in terms of assets also declined.

, in March 31st, April 3rd, April 26th and May 23rd, "needed more time to verify financial data", and for 5 reasons, cool has delayed the release of 2016 earnings. This time, cool finally no longer delay reason.

is the only real thing that moves users. She who say, you do not bother you are tired, need marketing is a person, a wise man, instead of a 3, 40 block recrudescer.

accelerates aging

in fact, cool performance decline, 2015 has shown clues. According to March 24, 2016 cool released 2015 annual performance report shows that cool 2015 revenue of HK $14 billion 668 million, down 41.09%, shareholders profit attributable to HK $2 billion 325 million, an increase of 353.25%.

Excluding the sale of Affiliated Companies equity

5, each enterprise will have a sense of mission, but must have a sense of mission!

2, assume that you can’t afford a penny for your career.

4, marketing the best language is their own language, rather than apply other people’s words.

OK, working hard, whatever others. After all, you haven’t succeeded yet.

May 31st, cool group released for the year ended December 31, 2016 without audited management accounts. Data show that cool 2016 revenue of about HK $7 billion 994 million, the company owner should account for about 4 billion 210 million Hong Kong dollars loss, loss figures are much higher than previously predicted cool.

in fact, over the past 3 years, because the cool mobile phone market competition, its difficult transition and other factors, the performance is not satisfactory, there has been more or less decline in revenue. But in 2016 as a whole from surplus to deficit, this may not just cool its own problems, and may be in its "music as the Department" has a certain relationship.

what can you do for the society, for the government, for the people? Nothing can be done.

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