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Snapchat recently as the storm continued at the end of November, the company’s founder Evan Spieg>

Birdi: a Nest

Snapchat:2014 success in this year

into the mainstream ?

believe everyone to burn after reading Snapchat chat application is not unfamiliar, 2013 is a brilliant year for Snapchat, but its realization depends on how the effectiveness of development in 2014.

Snapchat Facebook and rejected shlf1314’s request for the acquisition, the purchase price was as high as 3 billion and $4 billion.

mentioned intelligent Home Furnishing, we first thought should be Nest on behalf of the product with temperature controller and intelligent alarm, click to see, but the function of intelligent alarm reports Birdi production is more comprehensive, can detect the smoke and the content of nitric oxide, and through the intelligent mobile phone alarm when an emergency occurs. In addition, this intelligent detection device can determine other components of air breathing reaction, the quality of the air in the family. Birdi is currently in the public vote on the website IndieGogo $50 thousand financing plan, has raised $25473.

Snapchat, a large group of users, the number of users has exceeded four hundred million, but compared with Instagram, the number and total monthly download the number of active users is less than the latter. Application of the present day APP send photos information up to 400 million.


: CEO Evan Spiegel

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

1, industry characteristics

Circle: bitcoin payment currency

Circle provides a more convenient payment platform for enterprise and individual users to use bitcoin, compared with other means of payment, lower transaction costs, it can better protect user privacy. For businesses, may reduce the transaction cost and the financial risk of fraud.


was born in 2013 in a lot of hot start-up companies, in the new year, start-up companies will have what kind of development. BusinessInsider has made its own judgment on "one of the most promising who". Some of them are currently facing human or technical difficulties, but the new year will be staged a counter attack, is also one of the attraction. The PS. 13 is home to 4 of the payments or money, it seems to be a trend of


2013 October, Circle received $9 million in financing from the A round of financing at that time is a digital currency start-ups get the maximum amount of financing, click to see reports, investors including Jim Breyer, Accel Partners, General Catalyst Partners.

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