After BAT hits the content writer must be more like pinch feet to start the same businessHow do you

three prerequisites: traffic, content, and BAT panic,


When you read the

Abstract: since the BAT mass war was distributed, the mutual attack between content distribution platforms has lasted for a long time.

August 2nd, cheetah moved $57 million acquisition of the United States today’s headlines News Republic;

1, the BAT country model based on traffic

earlier, Tencent moved to Fan Bingbing, Wu Yifan, Joker campaign, TFBOYS to "material" for daily express whitewashing;

this also proves an old saying: "to make money online, there must be a station."".

many friends are asking how to make money online. This is a very wide range of issues. We recommend you take a look at this for you to Wangzhuan history, making money online is very helpful, because now a lot of money online programs are evolved from the past Wangzhuan mode.

an article is unlikely to make a comprehensive analysis of how to make money online. May not be a master of their own, there are inadequacies, but also a lot of understanding.

why does the content market go up all the time? Why does content distribution become the main battleground for BAT? The answer lies in the following three premises.

as the foundation for the content distribution suffered provocation, today’s headlines immediately released a positive challenge, the topic "content distribution platform in the media," who do you prefer, count the UC slot, side face, while the public opinion has been favorable to the industry data.

to do online advertising to identify keywords and general advertiser advertising must have commercial value, but also have a certain amount of search, or advertisers not wasted the money to advertise. Then, the network advertising keywords SEO, improve online advertising by click through rate.

for a year, the content of entrepreneurship heat unabated, followed by the Tencent department, Ali, sh419 and today’s headlines content distribution platform dispute intensified. Just the past week, UC headlines ALI and today’s headlines completed a "content distribution which strong" head-on confrontation.

according to my experience, do the following three points at any point, you can make money.

headlines today data dominant

in fact, mutual attacks between content distribution platforms have been going on for a long time since the BAT mass war was distributed.

is a phenomenon that the content distribution of feudal lords vying for the throne which "

The first point:

this chapter source: jdwz6/.

for the station is not much to say, too simple, the use of ready-made web site program upload to space, and then follow the steps to install and set up on the OK. The following focuses on network advertising and traffic, because these two do well is the key to whether you can earn money online. Internet advertising here refers to advertising we help advertisers, not our own advertising. How can we use the website platform to promote the advertising of advertisers and obtain a large number of customers?

Wangzhuan history, you will find people cannot do without is traffic, and traffic from where? That is the network advertisement! Bearing the website is the network traffic and advertising platform! So how to make money online becomes very simple. That is the website —- network advertisement —- traffic — rmb.

in any form of government and culture, finance and real estate are always the best

UC is pointing at today’s headlines

second: study price. This point, it will be easy to make money, and the bar to see the shadow. Faster than the first point, but high risk.

during the same period, in the second camp, the Sohu, a NetEase news news information, Sina News, Phoenix News also eager for a fight, waiting in the wings.

June, sh419 launched the "100" number of comprehensive promotion, the contents of the distribution of the field, but also the "content ecology" and "service ecology" and "financial ecology" tied for sh419’s three major corporate strategy;

UC UC from the 9 metropolitan newspaper headlines package independent after the split in the browser, to complete a round of "information see UC, 600 million" PR, directed at today’s headlines earlier whitewashing advertising "is being used by the 400 million user information reading App". Then, UC in the subsequent PR draft, but also to today’s headlines users group labeled "cock silk youth" label.



third: if you fear your IQ is not enough, ha ha. Then take some stupid measures. To carry out their own web site advertising network to the major forums, with the help of well-known blogs as a helper, such as a variety of places can promote the accumulation of traffic into their own web site.

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