The couple do not blindly participate in Wangzhuan trainingYiqifa Yeah the landing Yiqifa fashion to

1, at present my view is that any Wangzhuan are based on SEO or tools, what are not there? There, but not long and tiring! A friend also said that based on above ideas, there is no SEO talk based on ideas or tools, of course, you can have a lot of money the development of this project, but you must ensure the project is absolutely profitable or loss is still you.

1, Wangzhuan training, training to all Wangzhuan forum for you to make money not project, a lot of people will say to do is rich, but it is in the condition of permission, forum, a project, he is not in accordance with your thought out, but according to his thinking that, according to a Wangzhuan master thinking to go to ask you an easier said than done beginner

? !

3, not a forum is for you! You are a newcomer, all of whom need consultation, consultation, and of course that is the webmaster Wangzhuan forum,. The webmaster Wangzhuan forum for your reference only three ways. 1, yourself sh419 I want sh419 also pay what to do, 2, on the BBS have you find find, I also find you, 3, direct stealth, when you ask impatiently when the problem all tidy up, send my mailbox. estimated that he’d seen it when you saw it.

2, if you do not SEO or software, then you add a forum, most have an idea, a forum, perhaps he there are many items and tools, can really make money, but you can’t guarantee him the Wangzhuan Forum last long and difficult road or a lifetime? Their team will cooperate?

I’m from 10 years in January began to contact Wangzhuan, almost 9 months. How much money you make and how much money you lose is almost directly proportional. The only thing you gain is friends and experience. Why do not blindly participate in Wangzhuan training. Here are some of my experiences and some of the points I’ve come up with.

everybody Webmaster:
        everybody is good!

        Yesfashion is located in the main BtoC young white-collar women, promotion of fashion products, a collection of many brands, mainly through specialized product catalogs, magazine ads, Internet and other media to introduce customers to the product, by mail, door-to-door delivery. Multi channel order online order, remittance order, mail order and telephone order.
          activity duration: 2007.11.15 – 2008.11.15

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2 free tutorials worth watching more than VIP, don’t ever think free tutorial is rubbish, but VIP tutorial is fine, not to say that VIP is not a tutorial, but more often under the guise of free Wangzhuan tutorial is some training forum play out, I believe that many people think so, free tutorials so good, not to mention the VIP tutorial. Many friends after joining the VIP training, still do personal projects and buy other people’s project!


3 is good, even if this forum is of high credibility? But on a forum, the higher the reputation they make more money, but the loss of the only US novice, why do you say. A multi die do Wangzhuan, people like me alone in a very popular forum drainage, the administrator is not very strict always delete my post, but when there are 10 people, 100 people.

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