By teaching people to earn 3000 in case of a paid startup sample Ma WeiweiDog care short rent networ

product form: service proxy web site

Investor: Benchmark Capital

and animal owners mainly dog owners can use DogVacay like Airbnb, and can set the time for dog walking, training time, pet massage, and even pet care at the owner’s house. DogVacay receives a commission of 5-10% from this.


Ma Weiwei in the "wonderful" to say "wonderful" selection show wonderful in rare Swiss gold soared

" is a good talk to help people improve speaking skills: how to skillfully audio programs at the negotiating table, to lift the table and talk about each other through expression conditions; on the other side of the sure to ask the other person to help management etc..


DogVacay is a short rental website for pets. According to foreign media reports, DogVacay received investment from institutional investors Benchmark Capital $6 million.

profitability: 5-10% Commission for each transaction

financing: $7 million


"each of us is using life to argue that I am different from others, but it is precisely this kind of mentality that wants to be different from others. You want to break away from the public to make different fireworks, and found that firecrackers everywhere are harder than you do."

all pet nannies need to be audited by the DogVacay before they can be sent online, ensuring that the pet sitter has the qualifications to take care of pets and does not commit malicious acts to pets. In order to ensure the safety of pets, DogVacay will also insure the highest 25000 dollars accident insurance for all pets that use their services.

" can coax parents." Ma Weiwei told me at the office in Qingnian Road that when we were kids, we were often asked whether we liked more moms or more dads. When someone asks her like this, she says, "Auntie, you provoke our family ties.". Aunt will be a little embarrassed, Ma Weiwei on the small adults like to go, patted his aunt, said: "do not feel sad, this is your immature performance."."

Company Name: DogVacay

now, the professional debater who has gained a lot of fans by eloquence is becoming a qualified entrepreneur. She comes to the company meeting every morning, sometimes attends the entertainer activity in the afternoon, when does not have the activity, in the company plan the topic selection, writes the copy, discusses the cooperation. Right now, for the series called "talking well" and the release of the company’s new product, Ma Weiwei has been interviewed by several media outlets.

DogVacay was founded by a couple Aaron Hirschhorn and Karine Nissim Hirschhorn, whose DogVacay is a Airbnb like pet care site. The web site provides information about pet sitters who are able to take care of pets. They need someone to take care of their pet owners and find the right pet sitter on the DogVacay". Most of the DogVacay users are to travel or travel needs long time, no one to take care of pets, but to take care of the pet shop price is too expensive, so they can choose DogVacay to find suitable and low-cost pet care.


was very young, Ma Weiwei found he had a gift for languages. Because when not pretty, she relies on "sweet tongue slippery" to get parents love — fortunately, she had learned to speak.

. After six months of adequate development, DogVacay became the nation’s largest provider of pet boarding and care services.

Product Name: DogVacay


," Ma Weiwei quipped. "She knew then that talking was the way to live.".


, she is friendly, real and easy to get along with. Su Yan, with a pair of transparent frame glasses, said with a smile, "because no hair, wearing a top!"

After the

pet care ability "pet sitter" register for free on DogVacay, you can set your pet can look after type, size, pet food and other related information, so that pet owners can find the most suitable for their own pet "pet sitter".

in March last year, Ma Weiwei and Hu Jianbiao, Qiu Chen and Zhou Xuanyi argue, Huang Zhizhong founded Gamigo culture media Co., is a "wonderful" making no media subsidiary brand meter. Ma Weiwei served as vice chairman, Hu Jianbiao served as CEO. They made the "talk" of all the skills on the occasion, and in the eight months of the Himalaya FM on the Internet radio station, has harvested over 160 thousand paid users, bringing in sales of about 30000000.

In his talk about "wonderful works", Ma Weiwei is good at using strong logic to demonstrate the theme and arouse people’s sympathy by using an appealing tone, and ends with a humorous ending in. In the first season of "wonderful flowers", Ma Weiwei won the title of "king of wonderful flowers" by the first debater. Since its launch in March this year, DogVacay’s monthly revenue has increased by 60%, which represents the enormous potential of pet care market,

is a professional debater. She is like a firecracker on the stage. She is very sharp and is good at attacking.


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