Summarize the reasons for the low price of the GGADSeveral valid registration methods for GG account

1, Chinese users receive English about invalid click warning messages


!The passing rate of

method two:

means that your income is low because the price is not reduced, but the average price decreased, because there are too many invalid clicks is no income, thus diluted your price, this is a lot of people suddenly find themselves at a substantially reduced reason.

method 1:

apply for third party website account, and then apply for GG

Of course,

this method is also their own practice >

is not the same as the standard for judging the price low, some people say that their current price is only 0.5$or 0.1$before 1$or more, in this situation I think needless to say, their registration Adwords to experience you will have a more profound experience. The advertiser is not a fool, if you will give it enough income they will give you rich returns at such a seller’s market conditions, many beautiful dreams are unrealistic.

someone else’s website refers to the enterprise station, why not use personal station, because when the application must be the applicant name and domain name owner name, can apply for the selection, when others site, of course, look at each other there is no hanging GG advertising, then the category of the site is the best. Selection of newspaper website, the pass rate is very high, but there are some local government websites, websites and other local talent, then do not choose personal registration, to choose the enterprise account, the payee to fill just check a registered website name, don’t fill your personal! Then payment, because the company is so, you can not use Western Union to close, we can only use the company name in the company account, or a check, of course we choose here check ~ Oh, no This method is more complicated for beginners, and there is no quick way to pass it.

we come from some phenomenon of invalid click shlf1314 filtration system:


The passing rate of

: * *.


Hello, the last time I wrote the first knight Amoy and GG close contact, he said many of the old owners think, GG is so cool, earn more, and good reputation, it is better to apply for GG account, and now want to apply for a GG account really haonanhaonan Oh, really difficult? No, I Amoy knight a few days ago GG was approved by the CN domain, a simple method for GG said 2010

reduce the price is already an indisputable fact that for many people, even though I have no obviously feel.


network Tianfeng Flixya video website, abroad, are relatively simple to apply down GG account, if you registered good account, first in their own space to fill slowly, such as the Flixya and you’ll pass a few videos up first, then to apply, or although said is cooperative website but, you don’t have anything GG or not by the GG account is now the patient, so be sure to put the full content to apply again, the second is divided into question, as far as I know, it is divided into before, and now your site is divided into, policy change 100% is your benefit so, don’t worry about that. This application is relatively simple, the rate is very high, the premise is to enrich the content of the account! Application down, you can put GG code in other website hanging on, there are many People are using this video site to make money, send some seductive video to lure foreign IP to some advertising, ha ha, the high price of foreign ah, support flicker foreign ~ hee hee

method three:

uses someone else’s website to apply for the GG account

This is a

Complexity: For example, account!

automatic filtering system after judgment, and those who click less account more prone to such a situation. For example, your site clicks is 4 but the system judgment invalid click 2 times, then your invalid click rate is 50%, it is worth warning. When you find yourself almost no what income will receive a warning when you don’t feel surprised.

increase the unit price or there are many fold, according to the different reasons to adjust to improve the price objective. There is a common site of difference update, let shlf1314 no longer believe that your site is rubbish station; reduce the number of ads, reducing the emergence of low-cost advertising opportunities. These are good, but most people in the lower price experience, there is a very important factor, that is invalid click.

: assumes

also decreased said price is indeed a serious problem, because his income has been lower than the average price level of this industry, for example, click the price from 0.01$to 0.03$. Although the highest price advertisers can set a number of keywords is 0.01$, but from the overall point of view on price 0.01$still not acceptable, because shlf1314 Adwords did a lot of keywords to adjust the minimum price at the same time, advertisers compete in quality resources has always been there.

is invalid click shlf1314 judgment, including delays, competitors malicious clicks and so on, before it is released on shlf1314, has been improved to ensure the interests of advertisers and publishers. shlf1314 of invalid click strategy is to filter out the income, also is that you can see the number of clicks in the report but not the income.


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