How do you plan a website10 successful entrepreneurs advise on the expansion of start up companies



2. recruiting high-end talent

The biggest problem with the


brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

startups choose to expand? If there’s a demand on the market and you decide to scale up, it’s obvious that you’re doing the right thing.

, please get ready pens and paper!


1. advertises for its own businessSales of

2. products and services

3. to establish a public service

4. propaganda for an idea, an idea, a cause

5. brings its business to the world


1. is very small. There is a website on it

2. begins at the smallest scale and then develops gradually

3. is quite complex

4. is extremely large and complex

1., business people, professionals

2. women

3. men

4. teenagers

5. children

6. students

7. everyone?

8. other


1. content oriented, design professional, careful

2. visual design trendy, login fast

3. uses large numbers of graphs and animations to ignore login speed

4. focuses on visual design, and also quickly

5. login speed is the most important


1. search engine

2. paid advertising

3. news mail

4. directional email

5. free advertising

6. free advisory service

7. links

8. Classifieds

9. header ads

10. business card

11. advertising printed matter.

1. remote expansion

expansion is your corresponding expense. Facing hiring offices, raising technology, hiring people and any cost requirements from them, they slow down the company’s response and leave your bank account bleeding". In my opinion, "long distance Recruitment" is a good choice to solve these problems in the process of expansion. In Staff, we have more than 50 employees from 9 different countries, their work efficiency is very high, but we don’t need to bring to bear office expenses, do not need to print the payroll, do not worry about the internal causes of bureaucracy. But that’s not to say that we don’t hire local staff. We also have local staff, but they are all employed by those who are remotely employed. In this way, we can work incredibly hard with only a small amount of cost. – Liam, Martin, Staff

whether you are a product company or a service company, it is difficult to guarantee quality during rapid expansion. In the development of Pandemic Labs, we have experienced similar problems in both commercial agents and software platforms. Our solution is in the personnel under the original capital. When your business grows at a steady, manageable pace, you may not find the difference between paying $90 thousand for high-end talent and paying just $40 thousand to hire mediocre people. But when your business is speeding up, you’ll see the difference. Of course, for startups, hire a high-end talent means you have to pay higher fees, but their value lies in their rich experience and incomparable ability trader the rapid development of the company. By contrast, companies that do not hire high-end talent will experience many difficulties and setbacks during their expansion. Perhaps most people’s first response to the proposal is expensive labor costs, but such a high-end talent condenses the group

What harm does

however, hasty rapid expansion will be accompanied by serious growth pains, especially in the two sectors of human resources and accounting. To this end, we interviewed Young Entrepreneur Council YEC 10 successful entrepreneurs, ask them to share some of their experience in business expansion, and the advice of the founders of the expansion in the new year.

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