US officials say they are studying whether to report China to the World Trade Organisation shlf1314A


"material costs, although it can be reduced, but marginal costs are not zero.". But the cost of duplication of information is basically zero, and it is no longer limited by the physical world. This is the essence of the Internet, but also the biggest difference between this technological innovation and the previous technological innovations. < >

due to the lack of the degree of economic development, many industries Chinese itself is relatively weak, need to rely on "Internet plus" continued extension.

Zheng Zhihai said that the shlf1314 questioned China’s market access and national treatment commitments, but the power to manage the Internet in our country, specifically refers to the network content review.

compares the Internet development between China and the United States, it is not difficult to find:

we see foreign companies, such as Facebook, shlf1314 and other major in considering how the human brain extends forward, and our domestic enterprises, while also doing this work, but we are more interested in the development of traditional industries, is also the prime minister said the "Internet plus", which is China characteristics.

in most cases, China is innovative in business models, while the United States is innovative at the technical level.

the United States is developing new markets, and China is also developing new markets, but at the same time also want to transform the traditional market. This is not to say that the United States does not transform traditional markets, but in comparison it is lower than in china.

let us look forward, not difficult to find that technological innovation before, there is a big difference between today and the previous technical innovation is to the material converted from one form into another, such as power generation is to convert heat into electricity, the car is put into the tool material. But the biggest difference between the technology revolution and the past is that its main carrier is no longer material, but information.

America’s traditional industry has been well developed, "Internet plus the added value is not great, but Chinese traditional industry there are still many problems, so the" Internet plus "will be of great value.

Vice president and Secretary General Zheng Zhihai 9 in the global network the author said

I think the innovation in many places in China in the future is to study how to apply Internet technology to traditional industries. Therefore, in China, the most valuable place in the Internet is reflected in the correction of the market imperfections.

Zheng Zhihai believes that network censorship belongs to WTO, giving each member the right to manage. Under WTO rules, members of the government have the right to be supervised according to law, including censorship of Internet content. If the use of WTO trade rules to challenge China’s management of the Internet, it is clear that the wrong direction is not tenable.

back in 2000, the U.S. Internet share prices began to fall, when the U.S. media, scholars and practitioners are very pessimistic, we feel that the Internet bubble on the economy is very great harm. In fact, the 70s and 80s radio also produced a bubble, when everyone is discussing how to commercialize this technology, and have done a lot of exploration, and finally found that radio advertising can be realized. The Internet is actually the way to go. As can be seen from here, every technical revolution has a certain commonality with the technological revolution, and of course there are also differences.

global network news, according to Hongkong, Ming Pao website 10, Reuters reported that the U.S. trade representative Kirk said that Washington is studying whether to the World Trade Organization WTO complaint Chinese network review of shlf1314 and other U.S. companies.

in fact, the news that the US government was considering the "shlf1314 incident" appealed to the WTO WTO came a few days ago.

Chinese of the world trade organization, relevant non-governmental organizations and shlf1314 Corporation that network management measures for the implementation of Chinese shlf1314 Corporation violates the Chinese WTO commitments, these accusations are unfounded, China to shlf1314 in accordance with the laws of the implementation of the management measures in line with Chinese the promise of WTO.

the nature of the Internet


China’s Internet is mainly in the breadth of development, while the United States Internet mainly in deep plowing technology.

reported that Kirk also said he wanted to solve the problem more quickly, or to hold direct talks with Beijing. The United States is trying to resolve the dispute through bilateral forums such as the China US Joint Commission on Trade and industry. Kirk said it will spend two or three even more than four years, more appropriate in the legal battle.

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