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entrepreneurship is a tough thing, but it’s a big success. On the whole, the more you give, the more you return. That’s probably why so many people want to start their careers today. But where should entrepreneurship start? It’s mostly from four.

if you have your own original technology and market demand, that’s certainly the best. As long as the package is a little convincing, the seed fund will probably be squeezed. But after all, there are few people. In fact, they do not have nothing to do, you can find. One way everyone can do it is to turn over the patent pool, which is now on the Internet, with a lot of valuable patents lying in it, to see if you have the patience and vision. If you like, you can also look at foreign patents and see if there is any place to learn from them.

has worked in an industry for a long time and naturally has some experience in the industry. Do not underestimate this experience, do you think those things are common sense, not worth a penny, but gehangrugeshan, others may take great effort to understand, but not necessarily to your degree. Moreover, the experience of this kind of thing is to rely on accumulated over a long period of time, quantitative change led to qualitative change, experience will also hone your vision and creativity. So, even if you don’t plan to work for the rest of your life, you should stick to your work for one day, and maybe a cloud will rain.

can find better money than he has. If you work in a financial institution, you probably know how much hot money the market is looking for. If you have some financial connections and a little persuasion, you’ll have a good chance of starting a business. Even if you can’t start your own business, you can be part of an entrepreneurial team. In addition, don’t look down on small businesses that require little money to start. On the one hand, small businesses can exercise your capabilities. On the other hand, small businesses can quickly grow into large businesses.


should also be added: one is when you start empty-handed basically without any help and entrepreneurial resources, so there must be a lot of difficulties and frustrations, so one is not afraid of hardship, not afraid of setbacks of the spirit is a must!

"SMS trap the first step": reporters in accordance with the message in the advisory telephone call in the past, the other party claiming to be bank staff. "Is that so?" "then, would you please give me your name and phone number? I’ll help you look into the computer."." The reporter casually made up a name and mobile phone number reported in the past, the other should soon reply from the computer inquiries to reporters in Shenzhen WAL-MART shopping plaza 4800 yuan record, but after reporters no consumption, they asked each other to provide identity cards after the 5 number. "There is no wrong ah, this is a debit card to your own data, our construction bank in August 28th to apply for opening an account, here I also help you to check, this card is to set up the new company income proof, this card amount is 5000 yuan." And reporters repeatedly said, indeed no consumption, the other side said so. "Today, this is a financial crime case. You should immediately contact the relevant units, public security, financial crimes investigation section, as the victim."." "SMS trap second steps": the so-called "bank staff" to reporters provided a "Shenzhen public security financial crime investigation division" telephone. Then the fraud entered the second link. The reporter called the number, a self described Lee rhetorically asked a few questions, immediately said that this is a serious financial theft, Shenzhen police will immediately initiate an investigation, and asked the reporter not to mention this to anyone. "The first time you can not apply for account banking with you, it is possible that the bank’s illegal personnel to your financial information sold to some illegal companies or groups to use." After confirming that reporters wanted help, the Li police officer provided a "filing number" and a "UnionPay management center" phone number. This is the third step in the trap, posing as UnionPay institutions to trick cardholders into transferring the amount of money in the card. "Third step" SMS trap: the reporter called Lee "officer" provided by the telephone, a claim of Mr. Li said it had received "Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Financial Crime Investigation Department" fax information, and asked the reporter what bank cards, each card and overdraft balance. "I’m telling you, I’m going to set your card on the automatic update system, and you’ll soon take your card to the Construction Bank’s ATM. After the card is inserted, my system will automatically update it.". Then see if you have 49986 on your screen. If not, you should contact me directly on the ATM and contact me." If you do as he says, the development of the fourth step, and the other party will instruct you on the phone by a series of numbers for class code modification, in fact, is the transfer transaction. October 6, 2005, Beijing television station "capital economic report"

looked so delicate twists and turns round, if not in the TV news program to see, probably thought it was watching a thought "



feet have their heads, inches are short. It is not enough to be a man to succeed in one’s career. From now on, you should look out for people who may become your partner, arm, or someone who can help you in the future. Thanks to the Internet, it has greatly broadened the scope of our communication, so that we can not be confined to the small circle of relatives, classmates and friends as before. You can go to some professional forum, there are many places are talented men still remained in concealment. However, you may also need to speak a little bit from time to time so that you can find some friends who share the same interests through communication.



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