Ali mother was black or not carefulSometimes entrepreneurship is not as good as working

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entrepreneurship is the need for funds, an endless stream of funds. Just like Ma Yun for their own translation society to survive, and personally go to the field purchase goods, selling goods to maintain the same. That era of 20 thousand yuan less, but also equivalent to 200 thousand of the now, when there are 20 thousand cash families are not many, Ma was also from home and friends that piece together. Ma Yun’s entrepreneurial story, of course, inspirational, his speech is also very inspirational. If it is Ma, led by China’s e-commerce development, it is better to say that era created a ma.

‘s history of some big brothers:

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Title date written, this is not a general error. Keywords    Description didn’t write anything; they didn’t know whether they cared, or the editor wasn’t careful.


if we go to copy Ma’s experience now, it may not be successful. Ma Yun English is good eloquence, can get financing is important, Ma Yun’s success is mainly to seize the opportunities of the times.

complaining about his job?

entrepreneurship is good, the process is difficult, success is not accidental. There are many masters will tell you: "life here, opportunities and opportunities are not many, when we encounter opportunities, we can not be timid, we must learn to seize the opportunity to fight."." In fact, this sentence is not what is wrong, the key is you can know yourself thoroughly, everyone’s expertise was, in the choice of business failed to meet the eye everywhere case, in addition to their own ability is very important, we have to learn to share, also is the current hot partner system.

complaining about his low salary,


today open Ali mother www.alimama when, detailed to see his title bad.


Ma: 1988 from the English Department of Hangzhou Normal University. After graduation to do translation teachers, set up in 1992 Haibo translation agency, translation agency profits even can not afford to pay the rent, Ma began to go to Yiwu and Guangzhou to purchase from the sale of flowers and gifts, by 1994, his translation agency began to make money. The same year, Ma went to the United States to know the Internet, in April second, Ma with wife and some friends together for 20 thousand dollars. China yellow pages website is early Ma team founded. Ma resigned from the teaching profession after the start of the two business, March 1999, Alibaba website officially launched. Later the taobao, Tmall, Alipay, Amoy brands such as electricity supplier website. On the evening of September 19, 2014, Alibaba was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and in December of the same year, Ma became the new richest man in asia.

see colleagues and friends around the world doing business and

Robin Li: a 60 technical men, not what family background, rely on our own efforts to enter university to study in the United States, also visited Japan’s Matsushita internship, 1994 began to be in Wall Street for 3 years, 1997 to a Wall Street Silicon Valley search engine company –Infoseek, where Robin Li felt the technology itself the decisive factor not only, still have to use business strategies. By 1999 >

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