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Since the media alliance

Qinglong old thief, from the media, is "we"? Wu Xiaobo channel, is from the media? If 35 years later, the Wu Xiaobo channel or from the media, also called from the media, then, Wu Xiaobo did not see this from the media project success. Why wouldn’t Wu Xiaobo channel be another Huffington post a few years later (not necessarily News)?


titanium media: since the media debate recently about more and more, all from the media alliance is a place in the raging like a storm, how sincerely and belonging to "self media alliance" in war, almost to the outside world see a joke. Since the concept of media with the rise of WeChat in the past two years the fiery moment, from the depth of history and global breadth of view, what is from the media and from the media, the future of how, after two years is a good time to summarize and discuss.

titanium media media and technology senior study author Jerome believes that the real world plays a key role in the new media, since the media is not the new cluster stragglers and disbanded soldiers, but the media giant. Since the media, but the tycoon’s past life. Since the media, you can win a victory in a city, a pool, but not fundamentally change the situation. Don’t exaggerate the power of "Media" (We). "We" are relative to "they" (media giant). "They" is the master of the world.

This week

titanium media weekend long article, the full text reading recommended Jerome’s exclusive debut:

from the media ("We Media") is nothing new. Fresh is, China so many large platform, almost simultaneously launched from the media platform, help from media people to start business, thus giving birth to an unprecedented "self media hot"". More fresh is that many enterprises, playing the "corporate media", said "all enterprises are the media", it also allows the media to live ah?. This has never happened in the United States or any other country. This is a Chinese story. This Chinese story will be told how it looks, nobody knows.

China’s self media is the Internet technology, almost all the media have entered the threshold after the push down, there is a collective carnival. However, the current situation is that China’s media from the heat, and the United States since the media "cold."". In today’s mainstream American media, even you have to find the word "We Media" which is very difficult. If you find it, the source tends to point to china. Why is there such a contrast,

?After the end of the party

from the media, what to leave, it will be like the China "Blog Wars" gradually away, leaving a lonely figure? Or, since the media will appear some successful horse, which further subvert the media ecology? How to objectively evaluate the influence from the media. In order to find out the location from the media in the new media coordinates? Or, more cruel >

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