How do you buy and sell your web product

entrepreneurs have made a product and can do it independently, of course, but in some cases, being "bought" is also a good choice. How do you sell your product to the buyer and how to make your product sell at the right price? This article gives some advice on how to sell the website (blog).

advocates a: "perfect your website

before you sell it."

if the site is not perfect, then you have to bear a reality: it is about to buy not to attract buyers may be reluctant to open the price you want.

first, differentiation is the key to success. If you have a web site that is almost like everyone else, it’s hard to sell it. Watch what your competitors are doing – and more importantly, notice what they haven’t done. If you’re running a description blog, and the other blogs are doing tutorials and example learning, you might as well add something editorial: a portrait of an artist, an interview, or an example.

second, bad art website is difficult to attract buyers, if you describe "expired, ordinary, as if the money to meet the beautification; then, please designers spend a few months time to beautify is not burned; if the condition is limited, also want to put resources into full play in the team on the basis of the existing as can.

third, if your website is profitable, focus on: in some specific cases, it can be harder to sell than a completely non – profitable site. If the reason to change in earnings do not decline, simply let buyers think the site is going downhill. Traffic is also the same, and if you decide to sell the site, it’s necessary to focus on running a period of time at the point of sale, allowing traffic and earnings to rise in order to increase the buyer’s resolve.

fourth, if you have a guest writer team, you have to think about how to make their smooth transition to the new cooperative party; if the buyer has no intention to continue cooperation with them, you need decent disposal.

fifth, if your blog is kept, there will be some trouble when buying and selling. The best thing is to ask for a way, to transfer the content to that path, and to make the traffic and the SEO a little bit more beautiful.

, the conclusion of the above statement is: the eve of the sale is not slack opportunity, but to do everything possible to run the site to an upward trend.

advocates two: perfect implementation statement


site can’t speak and can’t sell people to others. So you have to prepare a statement, so that buyers can see the basic situation of the site at a glance. The statement will differ from the buyer’s objectives, but the underlying guidelines remain unchanged. The following information should be included:

1. traffic situation

2. revenue

3. cost analysis


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