Mobile nternet market into a new blue ocean station layout profit still owed Dongfeng

behind the traditional mobile phone giant NOKIA lost the leading position of the rise of intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone intelligent hardware equipment factory business new to Apple as the representative of the traditional definition of the mobile phone we changed fundamentally, the mobile phone can support work has become more and more comprehensive, because of the great advantages of portable mobile phone to make the current the user stickiness in many aspects beyond the computer, become the preferred tool for the current Internet users and entertainment. In this context, the interest of mobile phone network market will appear to be ripe, and become a new blue ocean for all parties to actively compete and layout. Let us first look at a set of data, according to the DCCI Internet data center data show that (as of August 30, 2011):1. Renren network traffic from the mobile phone has 30%; the city has 2.58 over 30%; more than 3. public comment is 30%, and the mobile traffic growth rate is two times PC; 4. the fastest at the end of this year the mobile Internet traffic with PC Internet traffic to reach 1:1, and more than 5. Sina micro-blog soon; this ratio has been close to 1:1 6., where the customer first; mobile phone orders over 10000, Taobao mobile phone users over 10 million.

from this group of data, we see not only the current Internet users access to significant changes in the way, but also to see the hidden behind the phone huge new market, new opportunities. The consumption habits of users is all business oriented, if you have a golden period of development of the Internet when the delay, then it certainly can not miss the new rise of mobile phone network consumer market today. Undoubtedly, the current mobile phone plays an important role in network entertainment and consumption, and has established the status of mobile phone network market.

is the mobile phone as the new media and new carrier network business blue ocean attracted attention, many websites and businesses already into the layout of this new blue ocean, including to have special domain name ends with.Mobi are already prepared for the arrival of the era of mobile phone, but the rapid development of the mobile phone market not in accordance with the expected use of it. The rapid development of mobile phone network market, for the traditional Internet Co, traditional enterprises and individual owners, means a completely different platform and opportunities. Especially for the vast number of individual Adsense, how to in this new network "feast" in a slice, is undoubtedly every individual webmaster concern.

one, the difference between mobile phone network and Internet and Unicom

early limited to mobile phone itself hardware limitations, such that the expected mobile phone network is bound to WAP network as a mainstream form, including the design of domain name.Mobi is down this kind of thinking is the mobile phone network specially prepared. In fact, with the emergence and rapid development of smart phones, mobile Internet access conditions improved greatly, which directly led to the Internet on the phone is also completely smooth and comfortable. As a result, the gap between the mobile phone network and the Internet has disappeared under the impetus of technology, and the Internet has become a form of Web site

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